When Exactly Does 2009 Start Anyway?

Jeff Summitt Muses On The New 2009 Golf Equipment Previews

Have you noticed lately that it seems many of the name brand manufacturers are unveiling their new 2009 clubhead models now?  Let me rephrase this, not just a few models, but nearly their entire product line so it seems.

I guess you have the auto industry to thank. Believe it or not, you could walk into your local dealership and pick up a few of the 2009 automobile models back in June – that’s right, June (2008).  Not even half of this year is over, yet you can get a 2009 model.  Think about it, if you bought a 2008 car recently it is well over a year old by automobile calendars.  Why don’t they just call a mid-year introduction a 2008 ½ model?

I don’t want to age myself anymore than I am, but that’s not the way it used to be.  Growing up I remember how confused I got when they would announce the new car models for the upcoming year was available in the dealer showrooms sometime around October.  Heck I haven’t even gone to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving or even opened my Christmas presents and the auto industry is telling me the year is over!  Party poopers…

The golf industry was not this way either.  Just until recently, most manufacturers would wait and unveil their “new” product year releases at the PGA show held annually at the end of January in Orlando, FL. It always seemly like a tightly guarded secret as to what each company would come out with. That’s what would make the trade show so special was the anticipation. Occasionally you would get a company or two who might introduce a model late in the season, but certainly not their entire line up.

I guess you can call me a geezer and old fuddy-duddy, but sorry, I do like surprises and don’t need to know each and every item sometimes months in advance as it dilutes the excitement.  Maybe I ought to just accept the fact that people want information and they want it now. While Hireko does intend to introduce new products throughout the year, we certainly don’t spill the beans this early on.  Sorry, you will have to wait until after Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, New Year’s Day, and all the BSC bowls games are over to see all of what we will have to offer for early 2009.

Why all of the early product introductions?  One reason is to get an early jump on the buying season and somebody has to be first. After all it is a very competitive business. But does this mean that the equipment you just purchased is obsolete?  Not really.  The truth be known, manufacturers make minor refinements each year to their products. Consumers who buy (or lease) cars don’t do so every year.  The same goes with golf clubs, not everyone buys or invests in the latest and greatest equipment each and every year.  How often change occurs is usually dependant about your level of involvement. On average a golfer might change their driver every 2-3 years and irons every 4-5 years. But add up all the minor improvements over several years and there can be a noticeable difference in the performance of your old clubs and the new ones.

So while it may be debatable when the product year officially starts, you can be assured manufacturers, including Hireko, make continual improvement to the club you buy.  Ultimately this will help you enjoy this great game just a little bit more than you already do.

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