Just Arrived! Power Play Caiman 9.5° Driver Now Available.

Player’s Lofted Driver Arrives In Time For Fall Season

The Power Play Caiman has just become our most popular driver series this year supplanting the ever-popular Power Play System Q2. There is good reason too.  This well balanced designed not only looks great, but sounds and performs admirably.  Not convinced?  Just look at all the independent reviews on our website from everyday golfers like yourself.

The Caiman driver was designed with a fairly low center of gravity as a result of internal weighting on the sole.  This in turn accelerates the launch angle of the ball coming off of the face.  For the majority of golfers this is an added benefit.  But if there was one complaint it was “Why didn’t we produce a lower loft?”  There was some rhyme and reason for not initially offering the lower lofted version.  During the prototype phase of development, we found that the Caiman 10.5° was hitting the ball as high as many of the name brand 9.5° models in head-to-head testing.  You may be surprised, but the reason for this was many OEM drivers with 9.5 engraved on the sole actually measured 10.5° loft (or more).

We truly realize that there are high ball hitters out there as a result of a high clubhead speed or an upward angle of attack. There are also those customers who have hit the Caiman 10.5° and found it to be a little higher than they wanted. So for those who have asked for it; we delivered.  The right-handed Caiman 9.5° is now available in stock.

The 9.5° version is produced with a square face angle preferred by those who would most likely purchase a lower lofted driver. If you play in competition or maintain a handicap, you will be pleased to know the Power Play Caiman 9.5° also conforms to the Rules of Golf.

Power Play Caiman 9.5 Driver Component Clubhead $59.95 Buy Now!
Power Play Caiman 9.5 Custom Assembled Driver $106.59 Buy Now!