Introducing The New Power Play Caiman Hybrid

New State-Of-The-Art Maraging Face Fairway Wood Arriving October 15.

The Power Play Caiman hybrid is a high-performance option to replace those long, hard-to-hit irons in the bag with some of the latest technological know-how. The pull-face construction utilizes an active maraging face insert welded to the 4-31 stainless body to help increase the spring-like effect and further save weight. Additionally, the score lines are CNC milled rather than cast or stamped into the hard S42 face material. A variable crown thickness (as little as 0.5mm) in the non-stress area of the head, which is the thickness of 5 sheets of paper! This concept was utilized to shift needless weight to a more desirable location deep and low within the head to propel the ball high and land soft. Weights and lofts are normalized so they produce repeatable and predictable distances to the same numbered iron. This makes it easier for the average golfer to fill a particular yardage gap without guessing at which loft to purchase. ARRIVING OCTOBER 15, 2008

Power Play Caiman Hybrid Component Clubhead $17.95 BUY NOW >>
Power Play Caiman Hybrid Assembled Golf Club $40.19 BUY NOW >>

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  1. Brian J. says:

    Would love to see a topline view of this club. Obviously not going to be as radical as the driver and fairway woods, but hard to tell from the pics that are posted.

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