Caiman Raw Power Fairway Assembly Reminder

First of all I want to thank those of you who have been very patient waiting for your Caiman Raw Power 3-wood to arrive.  I am sure you will find the wait to be well worth it.  Unfortunately the first shipment sold out quickly, but we will be getting more on a continual basis and fulfilling backorders until the foundry is finally caught up.  Right now the application of the black PVD finish is slowing down the production.

For those that have contacted me, there seems to be a little confusion about the assembly of this product.  We made the Caiman Raw Power #3 wood 10g heavier than normal so that the club could be assembled 1” shorter.  The purpose is to allow for more solid contact with the ball since few golfers struggle with a #5 wood as they do their #3 wood.  Another way to think of the Caiman Raw Power fairway as a low lofted #5-wood.  As such, not only will you make the length the same as a 5-wood, but you will also tip trim the shaft as if were #5-wood.

Finally, let me share with you a quote from one local golfer who was instrumental in the initial product testing “and why do I need a driver now?”  Thanks again Gary and I hope you are enjoy your new weapon!

Power Play Caiman Raw Power Fairway Wood Component Clubhead $28.95

Power Play Caiman Raw Power Fairway Wood Assembled Golf Club