Just Arrived! Power Play Caiman 9.5° Driver Now Available.

Player’s Lofted Driver Arrives In Time For Fall Season

The Power Play Caiman has just become our most popular driver series this year supplanting the ever-popular Power Play System Q2. There is good reason too.  This well balanced designed not only looks great, but sounds and performs admirably.  Not convinced?  Just look at all the independent reviews on our website from everyday golfers like yourself.

The Caiman driver was designed with a fairly low center of gravity as a result of internal weighting on the sole.  This in turn accelerates the launch angle of the ball coming off of the face.  For the majority of golfers this is an added benefit.  But if there was one complaint it was “Why didn’t we produce a lower loft?”  There was some rhyme and reason for not initially offering the lower lofted version.  During the prototype phase of development, we found that the Caiman 10.5° was hitting the ball as high as many of the name brand 9.5° models in head-to-head testing.  You may be surprised, but the reason for this was many OEM drivers with 9.5 engraved on the sole actually measured 10.5° loft (or more).

We truly realize that there are high ball hitters out there as a result of a high clubhead speed or an upward angle of attack. There are also those customers who have hit the Caiman 10.5° and found it to be a little higher than they wanted. So for those who have asked for it; we delivered.  The right-handed Caiman 9.5° is now available in stock.

The 9.5° version is produced with a square face angle preferred by those who would most likely purchase a lower lofted driver. If you play in competition or maintain a handicap, you will be pleased to know the Power Play Caiman 9.5° also conforms to the Rules of Golf.

Power Play Caiman 9.5 Driver Component Clubhead $59.95 Buy Now!
Power Play Caiman 9.5 Custom Assembled Driver $106.59 Buy Now!

Caiman Raw Power Fairway Assembly Reminder

First of all I want to thank those of you who have been very patient waiting for your Caiman Raw Power 3-wood to arrive.  I am sure you will find the wait to be well worth it.  Unfortunately the first shipment sold out quickly, but we will be getting more on a continual basis and fulfilling backorders until the foundry is finally caught up.  Right now the application of the black PVD finish is slowing down the production.

For those that have contacted me, there seems to be a little confusion about the assembly of this product.  We made the Caiman Raw Power #3 wood 10g heavier than normal so that the club could be assembled 1” shorter.  The purpose is to allow for more solid contact with the ball since few golfers struggle with a #5 wood as they do their #3 wood.  Another way to think of the Caiman Raw Power fairway as a low lofted #5-wood.  As such, not only will you make the length the same as a 5-wood, but you will also tip trim the shaft as if were #5-wood.

Finally, let me share with you a quote from one local golfer who was instrumental in the initial product testing “and why do I need a driver now?”  Thanks again Gary and I hope you are enjoy your new weapon!

Power Play Caiman Raw Power Fairway Wood Component Clubhead $28.95

Power Play Caiman Raw Power Fairway Wood Assembled Golf Club

Introducing The New Power Play Caiman Hybrid

New State-Of-The-Art Maraging Face Fairway Wood Arriving October 15.

The Power Play Caiman hybrid is a high-performance option to replace those long, hard-to-hit irons in the bag with some of the latest technological know-how. The pull-face construction utilizes an active maraging face insert welded to the 4-31 stainless body to help increase the spring-like effect and further save weight. Additionally, the score lines are CNC milled rather than cast or stamped into the hard S42 face material. A variable crown thickness (as little as 0.5mm) in the non-stress area of the head, which is the thickness of 5 sheets of paper! This concept was utilized to shift needless weight to a more desirable location deep and low Continue reading “Introducing The New Power Play Caiman Hybrid” »

It’s Déjà vu – R.W. Eaks Wins Again At Greater Hickory Classic!

Press Release September 14, 2008

Conover, N.C. – Champions Tour professional R.W. Eaks successfully defended his title at the annual Greater Hickory Classic at Rock Barn, coasting to an easy victory with a 4 shot lead.

Eaks shot a blazing 11-under 61 (a course record), 68 and 71. The win comes as no surprise, because Eaks excels on this course. Not only did he win here at last year’s tournament, but in 2006 he barely missed a victory, coming in second after a playoff with Andy Bean. Eaks earned his first professional Champion’s
Tour win just 14 months ago, and was lauded on the Golf Channel as having won the most tournaments (four) of any Champions Tour player in that time period.

For fans wanting to discover what gives Eaks his edge, his driving distance may play a key part in those victories. Eaks uses a relatively new “boutique” shaft manufactured by New Image Shafts in his driver and fairway woods.

Image Ghost Shaft

$195.95 each


Eaks was 2nd in driving distance in the Greater Hickory Classic, with an average of 81% fairways hit. New Image Shafts president Brad Stephens says the shafts are unique because they are all individually tested to find the point of least resistance to bend. This information allows the club fitter to neutralize the naturally weakest part of the shaft, improving distance and accuracy.

Eaks was the first professional to use the shaft, and has been wildly successful with it. In May 2008, professional Andy Bean won the Regions Charity Classic using New Image shafts, and demand for them has skyrocketed as a result of the publicity.

Which New Hireko Club Will Soon Be Your Favorite?

Introducing The New Power Play Caiman Raw Power Fairway Woods.

– Ultra-thin maraging steel face maximizes legal COR limit for spring-like effect yielding increased ball speed.

– Cup Face Technology moves the weld significantly behind the face for greater trampoline effect resulting into greater distance.

– Weight re-positioned deep in the rear of the club to create the highest moment of inertia possible.

Arriving October 15, 2008.

Raw Power Component $28.95

Raw Power Assembled $58.59

When Exactly Does 2009 Start Anyway?

Jeff Summitt Muses On The New 2009 Golf Equipment Previews

Have you noticed lately that it seems many of the name brand manufacturers are unveiling their new 2009 clubhead models now?  Let me rephrase this, not just a few models, but nearly their entire product line so it seems.

I guess you have the auto industry to thank. Believe it or not, you could walk into your local dealership and pick up a few of the 2009 automobile models back in June – that’s right, June (2008).  Not even half of this year is over, yet you can get a 2009 model.  Think about it, if you bought a 2008 car recently it is well over a year old by automobile calendars.  Why don’t they just call a mid-year introduction a 2008 ½ model?

I don’t want to age myself anymore than I am, but that’s not the way it used to be.  Growing up I remember Continue reading “When Exactly Does 2009 Start Anyway?” »

Hireko Golf Introduces Four New Acer XK Irons Specifically Designed For Individual Playing Styles

Four Model Iron Family Utilizes CAAcer XK IronsD To Better Optimize Weight Distribution And Center Of Gravity.

Hireko Golf announces four new irons designed specifically for the varied playing styles of today’s modern golfer. The new Acer XK Irons cover a wide spectrum of golfers from professional and highly skilled amateurs (Pro), the everyday golfer (Standard), ladies (Ladies HT) and seniors and beginning players (HT).

“As a result of our research, we have designed four distinct irons that will focus on performance and feel and optimize launch conditions and ball flight based on the targeted players’ ball speed range,” states Hireko Technical Director Jeff Summitt.  “The Acer XK family was a culmination of feedback accumulated over the years. We thoroughly examined the profile of the target golfer for each model and incorporated all the modern game-improvement features at their disposal to help them hit more solid shots, inspire confidence and lower their score. Yet at the same time, we factored in the aesthetic requirements for each level of golfer. Each model within the family has a distinct look and function.”
Continue reading “Hireko Golf Introduces Four New Acer XK Irons Specifically Designed For Individual Playing Styles” »