New DSFI Module Helps You Choose The Best Shaft For Your Game!

New DSFI Interactive Module Eliminates The Guesswork In Shaft Choice

How Do I Choose The Best Golf Shaft For My Game?
Hireko carries hundreds of golf shafts. Which is the best for my game? Hireko, under the
DSFI Moduleleadership of Tech Director Jeff Summitt, has created the new DSFI Module, featuring the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index to help you along the way.  By answering a few questions, we can steer you into to the right type of shaft.  But you will need to know a few things first.

How strong you are is a good indicator of what golf shaft flex to use. Please be honest, otherwise you might end up with a shaft that is too stiff for you. If you are new to the game and do not know how far you can hit the ball, here are some guidelines:

Player                   Driver             7-iron               Flex
Tour Pro           280 yards      180 yards   X or Extra Stiff
Strong Amateur  250 yards      160 yards       S of Stiff
Average Male     220 yards      140 yards     R or Regular
Senior Male       190 yards      120 yards     A or Senior
Female             160 yards      100 yards      L or Ladies

It should be noted that not all R-flex shafts are created equally as there are no industry standards in golf. Some R-flex shafts can be as stiff as some S-flex shaft. Instead of you trying to guess which ones are stiffer or more flexible; rely on the experts.  We test each of the shafts to see just how stiff they really are.

What is Tempo?
Tempo is the rhythm of your swing.  It can be fast, medium, slow or a short ¾ swing.  Each category has an affect on the shaft flex you will need beyond just clubhead speed or distance.

Distance and Control
For those that have relatively smooth swings and hit the ball relatively straight would benefit from shafts in the distance category as these are amongst the lightest shafts produced.  Golfers who struggle with accuracy should seek heavier weight shafts, which will be in the control category.  For those golfers looking for a compromise, the “distance + control” category will provide both as the shaft weight will be in intermediate range.

Graphite shafts are generally lighter in weight and designed for golfers seeking more distance from a longer club.  Steel shafts will are for golfers looking for greater control, especially in irons.  It should be noted that graphite shafts are more expensive than steel shafts on average.

Ball Flight
Loft, lie and face angle are important clubhead design parameters that affect ball flight and direction. Shafts can assist in increasing or decreasing the trajectory or help to prevent fading or pulling the ball based upon the stiffness distribution (commonly called bend point) of the shaft.

PLEASE NOTE: Because golfers may have unique swings and preferences for feel, some golfers may find shafts may fit them better than what is suggested. If you are seeking a complete dynamic fitting, please consult a qualified clubfitter in your area.

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