Manufacturing Notice: iBella Obsession Hybrids Headweight Change

In a continual effort to help everyday golfers make this difficult game just a littleiBella Obsession Hybrid easier, we decided to alter the head weights of our ever-popular ladies line – iBella Obsession hybrids.  This set of hybrids was initially developed in 2005 and the head weights were patterned off of the trend amongst many of the popular hybrid models on the market at the time.  Several of the name brand hybrids were being manufactured @1” longer than a standard iron, thus the head weights were subsequently lighter to achieve normal swingweights or balance.

The iBella Obsession series consists of matching irons and hybrids that can be inter-mixed to create a truly customized set make up for the skills and desires of any lady golfer.  The problem with mixing irons and hybrids that are not proportional in length is it can create distance gaps.  In addition, for shorter stature female golfers or those who struggle with the usage of longer clubs may not see the true benefit of the hybrid’s weight distribution.  Therefore the weights of the Obsession hybrids are now the exact same as the matching irons to solve both problems.

All the additional weight was positioned on the soleplate to further lower the center of gravity which will assist in creating a higher launching ball flight and allow a better chance of stopping on the green.  Plus, the shorter assembly length will increase the solidness of contact, which will create a win-win situation for all that play this unique model.

Both the iBella Obsession irons and hybrids are heavier or “graphite-weighted” to allow for normal assembly lengths and swingweights with today’s graphite shafts.  The tendency for most manufacturers is to make their graphite-shafted clubs longer, which makes it more difficult for shorter or petite players to hit the ball solidly.  With the iBella Obsession you don’t and even golfers needing even shorter-than-standard lengths will find more than adequate head weight resulting into better feel.

iBella Obsession Hybrid Chart

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