A Behind The Scenes Look At Hireko Clubhead Designs

Jeff Summitt Uncovers Some Of The New Technology Employed In The 2009 Line

In the design of a golf club there is often hidden technology that you cannot see or Avatar 3 Hybridmay not even be aware that it exists. Recently at Hireko, we have been employing some new technology that will eventually help golfers out on the course and in their wallet.

New Clubface Structure / Welding Techniques
While we do not want to show exactly how we are doing this to tip off other foundries that may not have the knowhow or expertise, we wanted you to be aware of the upgrades we have Avatar Plasticand will be making in the future.  One of which is a change in how our titanium drivers are fabricated. Customers should realize that each and every company has to deal with a small percentage of defective products, especially modern titanium drivers that are made to push the limits.  Often times if there is a defect it will be along the weld line.
The new clubface structure we are employing will be more expensive from a production cost as there is slightly more material used and extra step involved.  However, we are not going to pass on the cost to our customers?  Why?  The new technique will mean the gaps will be smaller and tighter, require less welding, unnecessary weight and shape distortion resulting in a much stronger head with potential no cracking along the welds. Overtime, the number of defective clubs that come back will be even fewer than there is currently offsetting the initial higher cost.

Rapid Prototyping
While CAD (Computer Aided Design) does cut down on developmental time as well as provide more important information regarding CG location, MOI, etc. ahead of actually producing a prototype, there is a few things it will not tell you.  The CAD program of a clubhead will allow you to rotate the head and see it different angles you are still looking at a CRT screen which is two-dimensional. It should be noted that not all foundries are capable of taking a CAD design and turning into a finished good, especially clone or low cost providers.

One piece of equipment that is also very helpful is a rapid prototyping machine.  This is a large investment for foundries to use, but can further cut down on developmental time as well as costly tooling changing.  The CAD program interfaces with a rapid prototyping machine and takes a solid model and mills it into the exact size and shape as the finished product.  From a designer’s standpoint, this provides a 3D sample in which to carefully inspect the contours and shape and see how the club or set of clubs look at address.  Changes then can be made to the CAD program in which reduces tooling changes at a later date.

Rapid prototyping can take several hours to a whole work day just to complete one golf club head depending upon the complexity. While the initial expense of CAD programming and rapid prototyping samples can initially be expensive, overtime it will save money that can passed onto the consumer and yet get receive better quality and playable golf clubs.

At Hireko, we look at ways of not only saving you money, but also providing you with quality clubs that will provide confidence in the clubs you play and help improve your score.  Exploring new manufacturing techniques are just another example of some of the things that separates us from our competition.

Mantara Hybrids

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  1. Re: the new weld approach.

    In the 1980s and ’90s, we saw a lot of the message, “Quality is free!” Once management understood what that really meant, they usually decided that they could not afford quality. I’m glad to see somebody who gets it.

    The reason management types were turned off is that it required an up-front investment in quality that would pay back many times by savings in returns, rejects, customer ill will, etc — all of which are big costs. But all too often management says, “You’re lying to me. Quality costs.” Actually it’s better than free long term. But too many companies can’t see beyond the next quarterly report.

    Glad to see Hireko is on the ball.


  2. My brother is 87 years old but still a great golfer. He set the course record at his home course (65). I made him a Mantarr XL Driver, 12 degree loft with a Grafalloy Attack Lite Shaft, A flex, 46 inches and back weighted it to C-4. He hit the longest straightest drives I have seen in years. He loved it so much that I made a duplicate for myself. I love that club. It makes a really loud bang at impact, other than that it is a perfect club. I highly recomment it .

  3. Stuart Weiss says:

    Which of your present lines of (1) Drivers and (2) Hybrids incorporate the “new” welding technology you have discussed in the ab0ve text? Reply appreciated-Thank You

  4. Jeff Summitt says:

    The new welding technique will be on the all the 2009 titanium drivers (some of which may debut before the end of the year). The current fairways / hybrid clubs have no problems with the current process.

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