Looking To Add A Splash Of Color To Your Grips?

Be Creative & Color Coordinate your Clubheads & Grips

When it comes to golf grip selection you can’t go wrong with black. After all, black goes with anything. But sometimes you or your customer may say to yourself “I want the go against the norm and express myself with the clubs that I play.”  There is no better way than adding a splash of color.

The past two years you have seen a concerted effort by the grip manufacturers to make that possible by offering some of their most popular golf grips in various colors.  For years, graphite shafts were the components made in a cornucopia of colors to coordinate to the club’s paint scheme.  Golfers can make that same fashion statement with today’s grip offerings and not sacrifice either feel or performance.

Many of Hireko’s grips have certain accent colors.  Following is a list of them:

Product Line              Primary Color(s)
Acer Mantara            Dark Blue or Orange
Acer XP 905                          Red
Dynacraft Avatar                Dark Blue
Lady Acer XP                        Pink
Oxygen Type X                 Light Blue
Power Play Caiman             Orange
Power Play Q2               Yellow or Red

Here is list of the different colored grips to cross-reference with and their respective sizes.  A quick link is provided for each grip by clicking on the code.

 Dark Blue                                           Standard              Midsize
Golf Pride New Decade Blue                 RE-25                  
Golf Pride DD2 Blue                             RE-97                  
Lamkin DD Torsion Control                   RL-77                    RL-78
Karma Black / Blue Dual Touch             RF-54                   
Karma Blue / Black Dual Touch             RF-06                   
Winn PCi Hybrid                                                             RW-63
Winn RW-55 DSi AVS V17                                              RW-56
Winn X17 XF AVS V17                                                    RW-50

Light Blue                                          Standard              Midsize
Golf Pride New Decade Sky Blue          RE-95                  
Lamkin Crossline Blue                          RL-87                    RL-88
Winn G8 AVS XF                                                            RW-37

Red                                                    Standard              Midsize
Golf Pride DD2 Red                              RE-99                  
Golf Pride New Decade Red                  RE-34                   RE-31
Lamkin DD Torsion Control                   RL-104                 
Lamkin Crossline Red                          RL-84                    RL-85
Karakal X-Tack Black / Red                  RKAR-56              
Karma Black / Red Dual Touch             RF-65                   
Karma Black / Red Multi-Texture           RF-56                   
Winn PCi Hybrid                                  RW-61                 
Winn RW-55 DSi AVS V17                   RW-55                 
Winn X17 XF AVS V17                         RW-49                 

Orange                                              Standard              Midsize
Golf Pride New Decade Orange             RE-27                  
Karma Black / Orange Dual Touch         RF-62                   

Pink                                                   Ladies                 
Golf Pride New Decade Pink                 RE-28                  
Lamkin Crossline Pink                          RL-90                   
Karakal X-Tack Pink / Grey                   RKAR-39              
Karma Black / Pink Dual Touch             RF-64                   
Karma Pink Velvet                               RF-04                   
Winn Excel AVS AI Lady                      RW-40                 

Yellow                                               Standard              Midsize
Golf Pride DD2 Yellow                          RE-88                   RE-89
Golf Pride New Decade Yellow              RE-94                  
Karakal X-Tack Yellow / Black               RKAR-55              
Karakal Black / Yellow                         RKAR-36              
Karma Black / Yellow Dual Touch          RF-63                   

And don’t forget about matching the colors on the putters too…!


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