Jeff Summitt Is Quoted In July 2008 Golf Digest Article!

Technical Director and Shaft Guru Jeff Summitt’s Expert Advice Showcased In Golf Digest Article

In the July 2008 issue of Golf Digest, an article titled “Latest Gear: Thinking Inside The Box” utilized Jeff’s bountiful golf club knowledge to elaborate on the USGA term “plain in shape” in regards to equipment design.

“There’s only so much more you can do,” says Jeff Summit, Technical Director at Hireko, which has introduced the pentagonal-shaped Power Play Caiman Driver. “The geometry does help. I see how truly difficult it is to get to that number. Even in that five-by-five frame, I still can’t achieve it unless I remove some material somewhere.”

We look forward to more articles from Jeff in the major golf magazines in the months to come! You can reach Jeff toll free at 800-942-5872 for any technical golf club question. Or email Jeff at

Power Play Caiman Driver Price:  $106.59 per club


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