Hireko Golf Debuts New Power Play Caiman Fairway Woods Featuring Variable Crown Thickness

Crown Is Only 5 Pages Of Paper Thick Which Allows Dramatic Weight Re-positioning For High Launch Angles & Incredible Accuracy.

City of Industry, CA – July 28, 2008 – Hireko Golf introduces it’s newest additionCaiman Fairway Woods to the Power Play line, the new stainless steel Caiman Fairway Woods.

“Fairways woods are often the overlooked sibling of the driver where all the technology is usually reserved”, states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “We didn’t want to add another me-too stainless steel fairway wood that was simply a scaled down appearance of the driver and little in the way of innovation”.

“Instead Hireko focused on squeezing out more performance by eliminating weight were it wasn’t needed and strategically placing it where it would yield the optimum results for the average golfer. The crown is the logical choice to reduce weight since it is the most non-stressed area of the head. We were able to take a considerable amount of Caiman Fairway Woodsmaterial without sacrificing either the durability or altering the sound golfers have been accustomed to. We strongly believe you are going to be pleasantly surprised with this model!”

The profile of the Caiman Fairways follows the same unique geometric shape as the matching Caiman driver. Every small detail was thoroughly examined from the squared off heel and toe areas, reduced face progression, decal size and locations to the masking of the paint lines. All of these features are designed to frame the club and assist in alignment to your target. Hireko engineered these fairway woods with a variable crown thickness (as little as 0.5mm which is as little as the thickness of 5 pages of paper!) All the unwanted weight normally reserved for the crown of ordinary fairway wood was repositioned deep within the head. This provides you with a high launching ball flight with incredible accuracy.

The Power Play Caiman Fairway Woods are available in right and left hand #3, #5 & #7 woods for only $47.59 each assembled and $17.95 as component clubheads. Golfers can custom build their own clubs online www.hirekogolf.com or by calling 800-367-8912.

Assembled Caiman Fairways Only $47.59.

Component Caiman Fairways Only $17.95.

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  1. Pat L. says:

    My Caiman 5 wood is the straightest, most reliable club in my bag. For the money, it exceeds my more expensive clubs for length and accuracy.

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