Acer CB Series Putters Beat The OEM’s In MOI!

July 2008 Golf Magazine Compares OEM Putters And Reveals The Shocking Truth

As a follow up on a recent article on putter MOI (Moment of Inertia-see below), the July 2008 Golf Magazine highlighted an article explaining putter MOI with the assistance of Hot Stix Golf. Golf Magazine measured a few of the highest MOI putters on the market and showed the distance loss on shots hit ¾” off-center on the heel and toe compared to the putting distance of a center impact. In the article Golf Magazine publishes the MOI of the various putters in the study. Compare those models and their respective values to several of the Hireko models offers. Here’s the results:

Hireko Putter MOI

As you can see, Hireko provides performance seeking golfers a selection of high-performance flat sticks that beat the OEM’s. And check out the price comparison…no match there either.

Putter MOI is a way of defining forgiveness of a particular model (the higher the number providing the greater accuracy). It is a function of the clubhead size, weight and weight distribution. Remember, the typical and most popular putters today are in the 4000-4500g-cm2 range.

What does all this mean? Hireko’s creed is “Cutting Edge Custom Golf Clubs – Factory Direct!” The MOI numbers and prices of the Acer CB Putters undeniably prove this. Give the Acer CB Series Putters a spin and spend your savings on another 18.

CB2 Custom Made Putter Only

CB3 Custom Made Putter Only

CB4 Custom Made Putter Only

CB5 Custom Made Putter Only

CB6 Custom Made Putter Only

Custom Made Tiara Putter Only


  1. Raghu says:

    I believe that the article on putter MOI was in GOLF magazine and not in Golf Digest.

  2. mark says:

    I have an original model Orbital Mallet putter. What is its MOI?

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    We never did measure it as the center of the head is hollow and there is nothing to be placed on the MOI measuring device to obtain a reading. At 340g, I suspect it will be approximately in the 5000-5500 g-cm^2 range, but probably not too much higher than that.

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