Looking To Add A Splash Of Color To Your Grips?

Be Creative & Color Coordinate your Clubheads & Grips

When it comes to golf grip selection you can’t go wrong with black. After all, black goes with anything. But sometimes you or your customer may say to yourself “I want the go against the norm and express myself with the clubs that I play.”  There is no better way than adding a splash of color.

The past two years you have seen a concerted effort by the grip manufacturers to make that possible by offering some of their most popular golf grips in various colors.  For years, graphite shafts were the components made in a cornucopia of colors to coordinate to the club’s paint scheme.  Golfers can make that same fashion statement with today’s grip offerings and not sacrifice either feel or performance.

Many of Hireko’s grips have certain accent colors.  Following is a list of them:

Product Line              Primary Color(s)
Acer Mantara            Dark Blue or Orange
Acer XP 905                          Red
Dynacraft Avatar                Dark Blue
Lady Acer XP                        Pink
Oxygen Type X                 Light Blue
Power Play Caiman             Orange
Power Play Q2               Yellow or Red

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Hireko Golf Debuts New Power Play Caiman Fairway Woods Featuring Variable Crown Thickness

Crown Is Only 5 Pages Of Paper Thick Which Allows Dramatic Weight Re-positioning For High Launch Angles & Incredible Accuracy.

City of Industry, CA – July 28, 2008 – Hireko Golf introduces it’s newest additionCaiman Fairway Woods to the Power Play line, the new stainless steel Caiman Fairway Woods.

“Fairways woods are often the overlooked sibling of the driver where all the technology is usually reserved”, states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “We didn’t want to add another me-too stainless steel fairway wood that was simply a scaled down appearance of the driver and little in the way of innovation”.

“Instead Hireko focused on squeezing out more performance by eliminating weight were it wasn’t needed and strategically placing it where it would yield the optimum results for the average golfer. The crown is the logical choice to reduce weight since it is the most non-stressed area of the head. We were able to take a considerable amount of Caiman Fairway Woodsmaterial without sacrificing either the durability or altering the sound golfers have been accustomed to. We strongly believe you are going to be pleasantly surprised with this model!”

The profile of the Caiman Fairways follows the same unique geometric shape as the matching Caiman driver. Every small detail was thoroughly examined from the squared off heel and toe areas, reduced face progression, decal size and locations to the masking of the paint lines. All of these features are designed to frame the club and assist in alignment to your target. Hireko engineered these fairway woods with a variable crown thickness (as little as 0.5mm which is as little as the thickness of 5 pages of paper!) All the unwanted weight normally reserved for the crown of ordinary fairway wood was repositioned deep within the head. This provides you with a high launching ball flight with incredible accuracy.

The Power Play Caiman Fairway Woods are available in right and left hand #3, #5 & #7 woods for only $47.59 each assembled and $17.95 as component clubheads. Golfers can custom build their own clubs online www.hirekogolf.com or by calling 800-367-8912.

Assembled Caiman Fairways Only $47.59.

Component Caiman Fairways Only $17.95.

What Club Should I Use? Fairway vs. Hybrid vs. Iron

Why Clubs with the Same Loft Don’t Go the Same Distance

There is a TV commercial that says “twenty-one is twenty-one” to help educate teens and young adults about the legal drinking age in America.  But when it comes to golf club selection twenty-one might not be twenty-one.  What I mean by this statement is many golfers will assume that the loft is what controls the distance they hit the ball.  So if a player already has a 21° loft 7-wood, they may think that a 21° hybrid or iron will also go the same distance.  Golfers may be surprised that in order to have better game management skills to fill their distance gaps they may possibly need two clubs in their bag with the same or similar lofts.

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Hireko Announces New Apollo Acculite 85 Steel

New Steel Shaft Is The Best of Both Worlds – Graphite Weight With Consistency Of Steel

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – July 21, 2008 – Hireko Golf introduces the latest in sub ultra-lightweight steel shafts, the new Apollo Acculite 85 Steel Shaft.

“The Apollo Acculite 85 has a very responsive tip yet provides an incredible combination of both feel and accuracy”, states Jeff Summitt, Hireko’s Technical Director. “The cut weight is merely 10 grams more than some of the most popular graphite iron shafts. For those looking at graphite as an option to decrease overall weight to reduce fatigue and to increase swing speed and distance should highly consider this shaft.”

The Apollo Acculite 85 is geared more for golfers with smooth and moderate swing tempos. There are no surprises as this shaft plays true to the flex. In performance testing this shaft it scored high marks not only in irons but in hybrids as well.”

This 40 inch iron shaft has a cut weight 20 grams lighter than most lightweight steel shafts providing additional feel, trajectory and distance golfers seek from a graphite offering, yet the stability that steel in renowned for. Apollo has successfully combined the best of both worlds together in an affordable high performance steel shaft.

The Apollo Acculite 85 Steel Shaft is available in separate R (regular) and S (stiff) flexes. They can be ordered online at www.hirekogolf.com or by calling 800-367-8912.

Shark Bitten! Musings On The 2008 British Open

SharkJeff Summitt’s Thoughts On The ’08 Open

With Tiger missing his first major since turning professional, you would have thought there would not have been much excitement in the 2008 Open. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Instead of doing much need chores around the house, I am sure many of you were glued to the couch like me in the air conditioning watching the adverse weather conditions we all come to love when watching the Open Championship. And like the picture to the right, we couldn’t believe it all happened again.

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Jeff Summitt Is Quoted In July 2008 Golf Digest Article!

Technical Director and Shaft Guru Jeff Summitt’s Expert Advice Showcased In Golf Digest Article

In the July 2008 issue of Golf Digest, an article titled “Latest Gear: Thinking Inside The Box” utilized Jeff’s bountiful golf club knowledge to elaborate on the USGA term “plain in shape” in regards to equipment design.

“There’s only so much more you can do,” says Jeff Summit, Technical Director at Hireko, which has introduced the pentagonal-shaped Power Play Caiman Driver. “The geometry does help. I see how truly difficult it is to get to that number. Even in that five-by-five frame, I still can’t achieve it unless I remove some material somewhere.”

We look forward to more articles from Jeff in the major golf magazines in the months to come! You can reach Jeff toll free at 800-942-5872 for any technical golf club question. Or email Jeff at jsummitt@hirekogolf.com.

Power Play Caiman Driver Price:  $106.59 per club

Acer CB Series Putters Beat The OEM’s In MOI!

July 2008 Golf Magazine Compares OEM Putters And Reveals The Shocking Truth

As a follow up on a recent article on putter MOI (Moment of Inertia-see below), the July 2008 Golf Magazine highlighted an article explaining putter MOI with the assistance of Hot Stix Golf. Golf Magazine measured a few of the highest MOI putters on the market and showed the distance loss on shots hit ¾” off-center on the heel and toe compared to the putting distance of a center impact. In the article Golf Magazine publishes the MOI of the various putters in the study. Compare those models and their respective values to several of the Hireko models offers. Here’s the results:

Hireko Putter MOI

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Is MOI Important In Putter Design?

Yes! Jeff Summitt Examines MOI Putter Engineering

Let’s face it, most golfers do their homework and seek out the most forgiving driver that can get their hands on. Yet this single club is used at most 14 times during the course of the round.  Surprisingly golfers do not follow the same logic and seek out the most MOI Putterforgiving putters that can play.  After all, the putter is the most used club in the bag and accounts for approximately 40% of all strokes a golfer takes.

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Is MOI Important In Putter Design?

Yes! Jeff Summitt Examines MOI Putter Design

Let’s face it, most golfers do their homework and seek out the most forgiving driver that can get their hands on. Yet this single club is used at most 14 times during the course of the round.  Surprisingly golfers do not follow the same logic and seek out the most MOI Putterforgiving putters that can play.  After all, the putter is the most used club in the bag and accounts for approximately 40% of all strokes a golfer takes.

One means of defining the forgiveness of a club is the Moment of Inertia (MOI for short) or the higher the value the greater the resistance to twisting on a mis-hit. Many golfers are already aware of the benefits of high MOI drivers. Even the USGA was concerned enough of the future technology to set a limit of 5900g-cm2, although few drivers come close to approaching it. 

Head weight range on drivers is somewhat limited from one manufacturer to the next.  There are also design limits on volume (460cc), heel-to-toe and face-to-back dimensions (5” each).  These parameters have a direct outcome on the final MOI and the reason why a limit by the USGA is not a concern amongst club manufacturers. The same cannot be said of putters. 

Acer CB2 PutterNo product is as diverse in the weight and in the physical dimension as the putter.  Just look around in the golf catalogs, on the internet or at your favorite golf store at the unconventional and even bizarre looking putters on the market.  Where drivers might only be 10-15g different from the lightest driver on the market to the heaviest, putters can range 200g!  The USGA now has limits on the physical dimensions a putter can be produced, although putters are no where near the allowable size as it might weigh too much or be so large and intimidating (or ridiculed by fellow golfers) that few customers would ever dare tote one in their bag.

The truth be known, golf is marketing driven-more so than pure technology-driven. Companies claim to have high MOI putters, but they don’t substantiate by providing actual numbers.  If they did, you might find out that several models by Hireko would be amongst the highest in the whole industry. The typical and most popular putters today are in the 4000-4500g-cm2 range. Here is a quick glimpse of some of Hireko’s highest MOI putters:

Model                     MOI


Acer CB2                9070

Acer CB3                8563

IBella Tiara               7836

Acer CB4                7736

Acer CB5                7151

Acer CB6                6788

Unconventional…Yes!  Ultra-forgiving…You betcha!  Come see first hand how these putters can improve your score and at a fraction of the $199 putters on the market that are not even close to offering the forgiveness of these particular models.

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