Introducing The New Apollo Acculite 85 Shaft! In Stock!

Apollo Acculite 85 Is The Ultimate Shaft For Smooth To Moderate Swing Tempo Golfers.

“The Apollo Acculite 85 has a very responsive tip yet provides an incredible combination of both feel and accuracy”, states Jeff Summitt, Hireko’s Technical Director.  “The cut weight is merely 10 grams more than some of the most popular graphite iron shafts. For those looking at graphite as an option to decrease overall weight to reduce fatigue and to increase swing speed and distance should highly consider this shaft.  The Apollo Hireko Acculite 85 ShaftAcculite 85 is geared more for golfers with smooth and moderate swing tempos. There are no surprises as this shaft plays true to the flex.  In performance testing this shaft it worked well not only in irons but in our hybrids as well.” 

Apollo Acculite 85 Steel Iron Shafts
The new Apollo Acculite 85 represents the latest in sub ultra-lightweight technology.  This 40” iron shaft has a cut weight 20g lighter than most lightweight steel shafts providing additional feel, trajectory and distance golfers seek from a graphite offering, yet the stability that steel in renowned for. Apollo has successfully combined the best of both worlds together in an affordable high performance steel shaft. The Apollo Acculite 85 is available in separate R (regular) and S (stiff) flexes.

Apollo Acculite 85 Buy Now For Only $8.55 Each!


  1. H Kusumoto says:

    What are the bend points for the regular flex shaft? Also, what are the bounce angles for your new acer wedges?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:

    I would classify the ball flight to be mid to high. The bounce angle on the new XC wedges are 10, 14 and 10 respectively.

  3. L. Podolak says:

    Are the Acculite 85’s similar to the SK Fiber Tour Trac 80’s you use to carry?


  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    From a fitting standpoint, these shafts might very well fit the same type of swing profile. But the Acculite 85 is actually a steel shaft that happens to be extremely lightweight.

  5. Bob Martin says:

    I want to make a club to bridge the gap between my Prophet 5 wood and my 3 iron. I am considering the Prophet hybrid. Would I gain yardage over my 3 iron with the #3 hybrid and the acculite shaft, or would you recommend graphite? Also wondering if the #2 hybrid with a steel shaft would be a better solution. FYI, I have Aldila Gamer graphite on my fairway woods Regular flex. Thanks.

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    The Prophet #3 hybrid is the same loft and length as a typical 3-iron, but due to the maraging face may hit the ball slightly further. It is hard to say how much or if it will bridge the gap because I am not sure how far you hit each one. Possibly a better solution would be to go to the #2 hybrid (low flight pattern) or the #7 wood (high ball flight).

  7. Yoon says:


    How about the trimming instruction for AccuLite85 R flex?


  8. Yoon says:


    One more question. I am going to make the iron set with Prophet CNC Forged Iron heads and Acculite 85 shafts. Could you tell me the hosel outside diameter of Prohet CNC Forged Iron heads?

    Thanks again!

  9. Jeff Summitt says:


    On the trimming instructions, follow trim chart RR. The OD on the Prophet CNC is 0.540″ (13.7mm).

  10. Pete says:

    Here’s a second request for trimming instructions for the Acculite 85.

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