How To Choose The Perfect Golf Bag For Your Game

Jeff Summitt Illuminates Us On How To Choose The Ultimate Golf Bag For Our Game.

Hireko Golf Bags

At Hireko our forte is manufacturing golf equipment, so that is the reasons why you hear us mostly talk about the golf clubs. But there is one important piece of equipment that is required for all golfers to store and protect their clubs which is the golf bag.  Before you buy a golf bag for your gear, it is important to understand what type or features may best for what your particular needs.

Aside from bags coming in different colors and price ranges, there is are certain styles to be aware of depending upon if you are going to primarily walk, ride or do both on a golf course.

  • Carry/Stand
    These are designed for those who will carry their bags on the course, but these can also be strapped onto a golf cart which makes them the most versatile of the bags.  These types of bag are fairly light and
    Acer Stand Golf Bag feature legs that fold out so the bag stands by itself when placed on the ground and then retracts when it is lifted.

 One thing to consider on carry/stand bags are the straps. Some may only offer a single strap to place over the shoulder, while others may have dual straps to evenly distribute the weight on your back.  Dual straps will be a slight upgrade in price, although these are becoming standard on most carry/stand bags today.

  • Cart
    The Cart bag is designed strictly for riding in a motorized golf cart or on a pull (push) cart.  Since golfers will not carry these, the weight will be heavier than a typical carry/stand bag, but is offset by having more storage areas even a cooler pocket for your beverages and valuables compartment for such items as a wallet, cell phone, change, etc.
  • Staff
    Seen primarily on Tour, these are the heaviest and largest of all bags.  Really too heavy to be carried other than by a Caddie; these are often strapped to a golf cart for those needing a lot of storage space.
  • Day or “Sunday”
    These specialty carry gofl bags are the least expensive and designed to carry approximately 7 clubs and offer only one small pocket for balls and tees.  Designed for a quick round of golf or practice, these are very lightweight and take up little space.  These do not have a spine and will not allow it to stand by itself without collapsing so these are not designed for the needs of most golfers as an everyday bag.
  • Junior
    These are much smaller versions of adult stand/carry bags so the clubs will not fall down below the top of the dividers. Often times these will be made in two or three sizes based on age groups and slightly smaller in circumference to carry fewer clubs.
  • Travel
    Designed primarily for traveling by airplane, Travel bags are mostly covers for an existing golf bag (some even two). They can be a soft cover with extra padding to protect you clubs or a hard, reinforced case.  These will also be equipped with wheels to make it easy to pull.

Ultralight carry/stand bags can weigh just less than 4 pounds, which is about 2 lbs. less than standard weight models.  The lighter weight will make it easier to get around the course but may not come without some sacrifices in the number of dividers or storage areas.  In addition, expect the lighter bags to cost more if they offer the same features.

Organization / Storage
To keep your clubs from rubbing against one another, bags are equipped with dividers.  In some cases a golf bag can have as many as 14 individual, full length dividers (one may be exclusive to a putter called a “putter well”) or even an additional external putter compartment.  In the product literature the text may describe the number of dividers by 14-way, 8-way, etc. One way to produce less expensive and/or sometimes lighter bags will be to offer fewer dividers and they may or may not be full length.  The grips of the clubs can rub against one another and lead to faster wear in golf bags that do not offer full length dividers.

Storage may be an important issue, especially those that might play in all sorts of weather conditions who may need extra clothes, rain gear or an extra pair of shoes. Often times in the descriptions of the bag will include the number of exterior pockets or compartments for things like cell phones and personal items.

Think carefully on your individual needs before making a golf bag purchase.  After which you can narrow your choices by the color or style that will make a statement about you.  At Hireko, we offer a wide selection of cart and carry/stand at difference price points to suit your budget as well.

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  1. Dan says:

    The Acer travel bag is a great product. Mine has seen many miles of travel, through many airports in the last 3 years. It is in excellent condition in spite of all the rough handling. It’s a great value.

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