Acer XP #5 Hybrid Scores Hole In One!

I am proud to say that I got my first hole-in-one at Port Charlotte Golf Club on February 7, 2007. It was a 185 yard par 3 and I used an ACER XP 26 degree/ #5 hybrid assembled by me with a Grafalloy ProCustom R-flex shaft. These have been great clubs and so easy to hit off any lie. As a certified custom clubmaker and clubfitter, I highly recommend them to all levels of golfers.
Chris Molis
Divot Custom Golf LLC


  1. Jack Sullivan says:

    Congrats…well done. That’s no 120 yds Par 3 …at 185 it is the real deal!! I’m thinking of buying the Acer XP or the Acer XDS (I230). Is there a significant difference? I need to replace my 4 iron (175 yds) so I would like approx 28-29 degrees of loft. I am tall so I’ll need a more upright lie too. Wouldn’t mind having a slight offset to the clubface either.

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you are looking to replace a 4-iron, then the loft will need to be in the 23-25 degree range. The difference between the XDS and XP is the size and length of the club. The #4 in the XDS is about the size of a 5-wood. The XP is a common size amongst hybrids. The XP is a lighter head and designed to be built 1″ longer than a 4-iron. Neither of these heads has an offset. If that is a feature that will help you eliminate the right hand side of the green, then look at the XP905 or new XK hybrid.

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