5 Things You Won’t See From Hireko (But You Might See At The Smithsonian)

#1 For Starters The #1 & #2 Irons Summer Flyer Download
According to the legendary “Merry Mex” Lee Trevino when caught in a lightening storm jokingly said, “Not even God can hit a 1-iron”, while holding one up toward the sky. So the question is “Why should you?” The lofts of modern golf club irons have increased (reduced in loft) long since then so that nowadays a modern 2-iron is basically a 1-iron of years ago. So God must not be able to hit a modern #2 iron either. With the recent addition of hybrids, there is no need to use these clubs anymore and allow them their storied spot in one of the many Smithsonian museums.

#2 Low-Lofted Drivers
While there might be a niche market for long drive competitors, ther
e is not a strong enough demand for the general golf population to make it profitable. The cost of tooling a titanium driver can be high, especially if the driver is investment cast. Low lofted drivers are geared for a higher level of strength and really requires that each loft be a separate tooling rather than sharing tooling and welding the face plate differently to create multiple lofts. Doing so can only reduce the strength at and around the weld and lead to premature breakage for those with high clubhead velocities. Extra sets of tooling means higher costs that are passed onto the consumer with the regular lofted drivers. While we could easily make these, we do feel that the average golfer like you or me should subsidize such a small segment of golfers.

#3 $300+ Shafts
In reality, a large percentage of golfers will have a difficult time seeing any difference whatsoever in performance between golf shafts costing $300 and up (and yes they are out there) verses shafts costing much, much less. There are number of excellent quality shafts for well under $100, many of which show up on TV on a weekly basis on each of the professional tours. Remember, the pros get their equipment for free while there is a very good probability you don’t. But for those players who want premium shafts with the latest technology and materials, we do offer a handful of models in the $100 range. But remember, it only matter if the shafts works for your game; not it’s cost.

#4 Full Sets Of Forged Blades
While they may look handsome and make a statement that you are a player, they offer no benefit in the way of game improvement features. The players who are able to play effectively with blades (or muscleback irons) are typically golfers at the highest level who can get their clubs for free or play or practice enough they will invest only in the Top Tier major manufacturers. While we can easily produce these for at least 1/3 the cost of the major manufacturers, sales would be limited and we would rather focus our energies on
producing irons for the other 98% of golfer. After all, Hireko wants to make golf an enjoyable experience.

#5 High Prices
Golf clubs should not have to be expensive to be good. Spend the extra money you save
from purchasing our equipment on better things like lesson to improve your game or better yet, playing more often. We will continue to stay on top of the industry for the latest trends, materials and technology and work closely with certain foundries, shaft and grip manufacturers to make sure you are getting top quality clubs. Hey, we may never get rich selling golf clubs at the prices we are, but I would rather hear the success stories and help fellow golfers out along the way.



  1. Mark says:

    I get the not blades concept but irons with less offset might be nice. Yes I read your previous article about offset. Just throw us a bone…

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    A bone is on their way with a new Q2 iron, plus at least one more addition is already in the works.

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