13 Year Old Scores 1st Hole In One With Oxygen 9 Iron!

Viva La Hierta Golf Club, Cholula, Mexico!Oxygen Irons

Hi. My name is Josiah Blycker and I am 13 years old.   I made a hole in one on June 19th on hole 8 at LA HUERTA Golf Club in Cholula, Mexico.  A friend of mine, Don Cameron who lives in Canada, has been your customer for a long time.  He purchased the Oxygen 9 Iron from you guys in February of 2007 and gave it to me.

Josiah Blycker
Dallas, TX

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  1. pblycker says:

    My grandson is Josiah Blycker. I am a professor of Sacred Music at Rio Grande Bible Seminary in Edinburg, TX. He called me up the day it happened. He explained that all the caddies lined up and shook his hand that afternoon as a sign of congratulations and of respect. Last year I was with him at a bowling alley in Mexico. He bowled a split. Even the pros have problems with it. I said, “If you knock them down, I’ll give you $1,000 pesos. ” To my utter amazement and astonishment, he did. I gave the money to his parents for safe keeping! Josiah is quite a lad!

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