Jeff Summitt on June 30th, 2008

Jeff Summitt Illuminates Us On How To Choose The Ultimate Golf Bag For Our Game. At Hireko our forte is manufacturing golf equipment, so that is the reasons why you hear us mostly talk about the golf clubs. But there is one important piece of equipment that is required for all golfers to store and […]

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Swingweight Plays A Major Part In This Equation Often times when you look at the published length of a golf club it will list two lengths for men and possibly two for women if the manufacturer has steel as a shaft option.  Yet in all these cases they will be listed as “standard” length.  This […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 24th, 2008

Apollo Acculite 85 Is The Ultimate Shaft For Smooth To Moderate Swing Tempo Golfers. “The Apollo Acculite 85 has a very responsive tip yet provides an incredible combination of both feel and accuracy”, states Jeff Summitt, Hireko’s Technical Director.  “The cut weight is merely 10 grams more than some of the most popular graphite iron […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 23rd, 2008

Viva La Hierta Golf Club, Cholula, Mexico! Hi. My name is Josiah Blycker and I am 13 years old.   I made a hole in one on June 19th on hole 8 at LA HUERTA Golf Club in Cholula, Mexico.  A friend of mine, Don Cameron who lives in Canada, has been your customer for a […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 20th, 2008

I am proud to say that I got my first hole-in-one at Port Charlotte Golf Club on February 7, 2007. It was a 185 yard par 3 and I used an ACER XP 26 degree/ #5 hybrid assembled by me with a Grafalloy ProCustom R-flex shaft. These have been great clubs and so easy to […]

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Thicker Soles For Thinner Wallets CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – June 17, 2008 – Hireko Golf introduces one of the friendliest irons ever created: the new Power Play System Q2 Irons. The new iron is positioned for advanced game improvement and incredible value. “Who says an advanced game improvement model can’t look conventional?” states Technical […]

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#1 For Starters The #1 & #2 Irons According to the legendary “Merry Mex” Lee Trevino when caught in a lightening storm jokingly said, “Not even God can hit a 1-iron”, while holding one up toward the sky. So the question is “Why should you?” The lofts of modern golf club irons have increased (reduced […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 5th, 2008

A Lesson In Golf Shaft Torque Values What is shaft torque? It is the amount a shaft twists when subjected to a known amount of force (usually one foot-pound of force is applied) and the value expressed in degrees. It is a term commonly associated with composite or graphite shafts, but steel shafts have a […]

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Jeff Summitt on June 2nd, 2008

Often Overlooked Biases When Purchasing A Golf Club Before a club is every purchased, hit into a net or on the range, often times the quality of the club is scrutinized carefully by a potential golfer. Here is a list of three little things that a clubmaker should pay very close attention to if they […]

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