What’s New In The Golf Biz? Introducing The New for 2008 Karma Supra Putter Grip!

Karma’s New Massive Putter Grip Designed To Kill The YipsRF70 Karma Supra Grip

Hireko is proud to announce a new product offering called the Karma Supra putter grip. The best way to describe it is “massive” – measuring nearly 1.75” across. The Karma Supra might just be the answer you have been seeking to eliminate your putting woes. How may you ask? The semi-circular paddle shape naturally fits in the palms of your hands allowing you to cradle the club. This helps keep your wrists steady so that only the big muscles in the arms and shoulders are used to create a repeatable pure pendulum stroke.

Improved Design

Extra large putter grips are nothing new. In fact, jumbo-sized putter grips have existed for more than two decades. First popularized by Tiger Shark in the late 80’s, there has been resurgence ever since KJ Choi used a jumbo sized putter grip en route to victory on the PGA Tour last summer. The reason why the original jumbo putter grip’s popularity may have waned may have to due to their weight. The large size equates to more material and thus more weight. In turn the extra weight will counter-balance the putter head and can make it feel “head light”. Putter heads, up until recently, were much lighter weighing in at 320g or below. This leads us to the next point.

Helpful Tidbits

The Karma Supra Grip installs just like any normal grip. The decorative pattern on the large flat front of the grip makes alignment easy as well.

Putter heads which weigh 350g or more will probably be advisable just so you can feel the head during the stroke. For example, my trusty Acer CB5 (400g) putter with the Karma Supra has a swingweights of D0 at a length of 34”. In comparison, I also have another 34” Acer CB5 putter with a Golf Pride Dual Durometer putter grip (65g) that swingweights to F7.

Another hot topic of late is counter-balancing of clubs which is increasingly becoming popular on the PGA Tour. With the Karma Supra putter grip, there is no need for additional counter-balancing as the grip alone weighs 204 grams. The average putter grip in comparison weighs 70 grams. Some counter-balancing systems cost $39.95 for each weight, not including an additional $15 for a special tool to install / remove the weight and cut the grip.

Do you need to hold the putter grip in a certain way?

No, there is no special way to hold the grip; you simply use your normal grip. What ever grip style or hand placement you normally make will work with the Karma Supra Grip.

Right now it is available in black, but we will be adding 3 exciting new colors in a few more months. The bonus is the Karma Supra Grip putter grip won’t break your bank account either as it is less than $10. Other jumbo-sized putter grips demand twice or even much more for a similar sized grip.

We all experience too much tension in our daily lives, so see what “tension-free” golf is all about. Why not see for yourself how you can increase your good fortune of sinking more putts in the future. The Karma Supra putter grip also conforms with USGA Rules.

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  1. charles White says:

    I was the biggest Yipper in the West. Not any more with the big grip!

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