How To Instantly Gain Distance

Get More Confidence!

If you want more distance, it all starts out with more confidence in the club you are swinging. What you say? Confidence is that immeasurable factor that can also be mentioned in the same terms as faith and trust. Forget for a second that you have a driver with the maximum allowable volume, spring-like face and high MOI paired with a premium shaft and grip. When you make that tape-measured drive, do you remember what you were thinking? Nothing, absolutely nothing! That is the key when you do not have to worry about anything as you have total confidence in the club(s) you are playing.

How is it possible to get 20-30 yards more with a particular club when you make a simply adjustment like a new shaft, length or loft change? Unless you were grossly misfit or not taking advantage of the new technologies of the past five years, you will not experience a gain that large by an equipment change alone. But confidence can augment any gains from being fit properly.

Here are some situations than can become distance killers. All of the sudden you stop to think about why the clubface looks a little too closed, the grip size doesn’t quite feel right, you constantly have to choke down the grip to make solid contact with the ball, the shaft is so flexible that you are constantly altering your swing to avoid hitting the ball left one time and right the next. If this sounds familiar, then you are not getting the most from your club and it is a time for a change.

At Hireko, we offer literally tens of thousands of clubhead, golf shaft, golf grip and length options to fit every style of golfer. While we may not have that big name brand engraved on the head, we do offer heads with theHybrid Ad maximum volume, spring-like effect as well as extremely forgiving clubheads made the same materials as the big named manufacturers. With Hireko’s low prices, it is easy to upgrade to a premium brand name shaft or grip and still save a considerable amount of money than an OEM’s stock offering.

If you want more distance, it all starts when you do not have to make adjustments in your swing and when you have total confidence in the club you are playing. That allows you to swing tension free and maximize your ability. This occurs when the club not only looks good but feels good too, which is a culmination of having the correct length, total weight, flex and balance. This is just another advantage to order from Hireko as we provide you that flexibility when ordering.

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  1. Glenn says:

    I have ordered a Caiman driver with a Senior Flex shaft. I hope I have ordered the right thing. I am 75yrs old with a 13 handicap and hit my regular shafts about 200 yds.

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    Shafts don’t know age, sex or handicap only strength. If you are hitting your drives 200 yards (@80 mph) that would put you into most senior shafts – at least on paper. But if you have a short, quick or abbreviated swing, perhaps some R-flex may work well for you.

  3. Donald Lake says:

    Where is the old Forum? I’m lost without it!

  4. Frank Mazane says:

    I’m presently swinging aMag Tech 46″ Adila shaft I put in myself. At 80-84 mph Rarely getting more than 200 yards. Tried other shafts ,other heads,still 200 yds By the way the adila shaft is a 55gram stiff. What to do ?

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    Unfortunately that might be the most you get with your swing speed. So there are only a couple ways to optimize distance. One would be to go even longer and/or lighter – but that makes it increasingly harder to to hit the ball squarely. The other is to make sure you have the proper loft that maximizes both carry + roll.

  6. mike hammans says:

    please submit me to your newsletter

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