Hireko Golf Announces The Most Massive Grip In It’s Karma Line, The New For 2008 Karma Supra Putter Grip

Karma’s New Putter Grip Designed To Calm Nerves & Improve Feel

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA, May 5, 2008 – Hireko announces the newest addition to the best selling Karma line of grips, the Karma Supra Putter grip. Measuring nearly 1.75” across, this beast of a putter grip is guaranteed to kill the yips. The semi-circular paddle shape naturally fits in the palms of your hands allowing you to cradle the club. This helps keep your wrists steady so that only the big muscles in the arms and shoulders are used to create a repeatable pure pendulum stroke.The Karma Supra installs just like any standard grip and there is no need for additional counterbalancing as the grip weighs 204 grams and complements today’s heavier putter heads. The decorative pattern on the large flat front of the grip makes alignment simple and easy.

Using the Supra requires no hand re-adjustments, simply use your normal grip.

We all experience too much tension in our daily lives, so see what “tension-free” golf is all about. The new Karma Supra Putter Grip is the perfect prescription to steady the nerves and sink more putts.Conforms with USGA Rules.

The Karma Supra Putter Grips are in stock and available online for only $9.95 each at www.hirekogolf.com or by calling 800-367-8912.