Looking To Save Time & Money Regripping Your Clubs? Great Re-Grips Tips Here!

Jeff Summitt Expounds His  Re-Gripping Wisdom To Save You Time & Money

Step 2aFor those fortunate to live in the southern climes to enjoy golf year-round, you might be surprised that many golf courses in the Midwest, Northeast and for our friends above the 49th Parallel still have not officially opened yet. But for those that have already worn out the grips on your snow shovel this year, I am sure you are in great anticipation of the upcoming golfing season. Before going out for the first time, right now is the perfect time to have your clubs re-gripped. It has been proven that slick or worn grips can cost you valuable strokes on the course. As a preventative measure, re-gripping is relatively easy and inexpensive to do yourself or for a local shop to perform this service for you. Continue.


  1. David says:

    I would like to know the effects of getting grips too large in size.

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    Contrary to many out there, I don’t find that it will cause you to slice or fade the ball. If anything, it is simply a feel issue where is don’t feel natural and you may want to re-position the grip in your palms rather in your fingers.

  3. Justin says:

    David, I bought a Nike SV GW off eBay with an oversized Avon Chamois grip. My experience swinging it out in the yard was that I felt like my wrists were locked in place, and had a hard time rotating through impact. Chipping seemed easier, because of the locked wrists, but everything else about it just felt wrong.

    That’s my take, though. Who knows- give them a try! Maybe you find out you don’t like them, maybe you find out they change your game for the better. But at least you’ll know.

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