Happy Earth Day! 3 Tips On How To Help The Planet While Golfing.

Jeff Summitt Examines Eco-Friendly Golf Earth Day Image

There are many ways in which to reduce the impact on the environment while we do many things at home, work or away enjoying our favorite activities. Here are three simple tips that can make a difference as we all celebrate Earth Day.

While this may not be an option at certain golf courses or during certain times or days of the week, you may be asked whether or not you want to take a cart or walk.  If those physically able were walk the course chose to walk, this could eliminate just a little of the reliance for fossil fuels that go into the gasoline or the electricity to generate power to these vehicles. As an added benefit, the biggest reason might actually be reducing tension, getting an aerobic workout or just generally increasing your health.  Even if you don’t want to carry your clubs, you can pull you clubs on a pull cart you can own or even rent.

What was once a tradition, the art of caddying has all but been lost by the popularity of the golf cart and the revenues that are generated by the course or resort.  Maybe it is time to think about a nationwide initiative to bringing back a caddy program?

Biodegradable tees
Yes, there are tees made of biodegradable materials that over a short time decompose. Made partially from natural renewable resources such as corn, potatoes and even sugar, these tees can decompose in as little as 60 days as compared to hundreds of years for plastic tees.  Not only is it good for the environment, these do less damage than wooden or plastic tee on golf course equipment.  Another fact is over 2 billion wooden golf tees are produced in the United States annually.  Deforestation increases the amount of carbon dioxide and pollution we breathe.

Bring your own recyclable water bottle
The contents of the bottled water you purchase is often no different from the tap water available at your home.  Those plastic bottles may not be recycled but thrown in with the rest of the trash to go into a local landfill.   But if the course does have designated area to deposit plastic water bottles or aluminum cans, take the few extra seconds to do your part.


  1. Ken Nickless says:

    How about all club members foregoing their regular golfing bets for a month and sending the proceeds to some worthwhile environmental organization in their area?

  2. Max Westphal says:

    Hey why don’t golf clubs put in artificial turf and save water for the environment? Check this article about for information about it:

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