Why Don’t You Publish More Information On Your Clubheads?

Jeff Summitt Examines Driver Size and Limitations

You might be surprised just how much you can tell just by looking at the shape and size of a driver head. After you read this article and with a few measurements, one should be able to approximate some information about your driver that it takes a machine costing several thousands of dollars to do. What prompted this article? I had a customer recently email me why we don’t publish more information on our clubheads. I politely responded that in many cases it can confuse the average golfer. He was interested in particular to the MOI of our heads. He wondered which of our non-square models had an MOI of 5900 g-cm2 (an explanation will come later).  Continue.

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  1. Gene says:

    The average golfer is generally confused because there is too much information available that they just don’t understand. However, each golfer should learn the basics structures of their clubset and, as a custom club fitter, the nuts and bolts are things I need to know. I often find that the correct, basic data is not listed for all clubheads from different suppliers. Examples are that some suppliers don’t provide the loft for putters, bounce angles and/or offsets for clubheads (a big deal for low & high handicap golfers) and weights for grips, etc. How can you custom fit a golfer if you don’t have the basic information on the components? I build a lot of golf clubs for junior golfers and I teach them the swing and how to understand their equipment. This knowledge helps them properly select equipment as they mature as a golfer. Thanks, gc

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