“The acer irons provided more distance and accuracy than the Callaway irons did.”

I recently ordered a Power Play weighted hybrid and Acer 905 wide sole irons to test them out and decide if I want to purchase the hybrids to replace my long irons and the irons to replace my existing ones. It is 18 degrees in Detroit today but I had to go to the range! I checked out fron the pro shop the Callaway fusion wide sole irons and hit them , then I hit the acer irons that IO purchased. Unbelievably, the acer irons provided more distance and accuracy than the Callaway irons did. The Power play hybrid was also amazing. I will be ordering the rest of the set soon. Thank you for providing such a superior product at such an affordable price!

– Steve Parker

Hi Rob,
By all means you can post my comment. Hell, you can even give out my e-mail address as a reference!!! I went and played today. The high in Michigan today was 19. There is only one course in Detroit that is open year round. I am so pleased with my clubs. They have added about 15-20 yards per club to my game. I have had to adjust my swing a little. I used to swing for distance; now I concentrate on accuracy. The clubs do all the work. The comment I get now is, “ Wow, you’re going to use a 9 iron from here?” Words can not explain how satisfied I am with my new clubs. I was hooked on the price alone, but as I stated in my previous e-mail, when I compared the Acer 905 to the Calloway fusion wide sole (which I could never afford), I was jaw dropped. What I like most is the customization. I am 6-3 and when I play with standard length clubs my back is killing me by the 6th hole. I played 18 this afternoon with no Tylenol. So, not only have these new clubs improved my game, they got rid of my back ache!!! The only problem I foresee is when spring arrives and golf is in full swing, your clubs may be the main factor why I will be sleeping on the couch. My wife will be pissed because I will ALWAYS be on the course.

Once again, thanks for making such a superior product at such an affordable price.

– Steve Parker

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