Product Spotlight: Karma “Midsize” Grip

Some items tend to get buried on a website or even in a catalog that reallyKarma Black Velvet Midsize need further explanation. One prime example is the Karma Black Velvet Midsize and White Velvet Midsize grips. The name Midsize might confuse a lot of players as to the exact size of the grip. After all, nomenclature such as Midsize and Jumbo are descriptive terms, but have no universal size associated with them.Karma White Velvet

For many clubmakers and club fitters, a “midsize” grip might indicated that the grip is +1/16” over Men’s standard size as the majority of the midsize grips on the market are this large. However, it should be noted that not all midsize grips are this large as there are no industry standard for grip size. Midsize may only refer to the relative size in-between the Standard and Jumbo version a particular model.

The Karma Black and White Velvet Midsize are actually +1/32” over standard men’s sized grips. This is the equivalent to adding approximately 4 layers of masking tape underneath the grip in order to build-up the size. A traditional midsize grip (+1/16” over men’s standard) is approximately the same as taking a standard size grip and adding 8 layers of masking tape underneath the grip.

So for golfer’s seeking a grip size larger than Standard, but in-between the most Midsize models will find the Karma “Midsize” models to be that perfect size. For clubmakers, this Power Play Caiman Driversizing option creates a time-saver by eliminating an additional step in the assembly process.

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