How To Improve Your Golf Stance By PGA Master Pro Bob Burns

These Simple Adjustments Will Improve Your Game

After a few missed fairway or shots that have traveled off the beaten path, golfers typically make alignment adjustments. With these adjustments or compensations the golfer intends to steer or guide the ball to the target. (The alignment of your feet and body in relation to your target-line). If you play like an insider, someone who understands and practices the fundamentals of a sound golf swing, you too will find yourself hitting those targets.  Continue.

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  1. Don Garlow says:

    Bob Burns article on alignment is right on target! As a teaching Pro, I find that so many things in golf opporate on reverse logic. Alignment to play a hook or slice is just one of many. You should always align left to make your ball go right and align right to make your ball go left. An additional note that may help is to first make sure that your club face is pointing at the target and remains so aligned and then align your feet and body as Bob and I state. In so doing, you’ve set up to induce a fade or draw using the same exact techniques employed by the touring professionals. Great article and info, Bob.

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