Use Your Eyes Not a Machine to Choose The Best Driver

Jeff Summitt Postulates That Humans Are Indeed More Worthy Than Machines

Spring Flyer DownloadIf you have recently visited a big box golf retailer, you may have noticed a designated indoor practice area where a customer can hit clubs into a net. In some cases a potential customer can have an employee accompany them and take some measurements using a device called a launch monitor. This is used to guide the employee to tell which club from the many the customer hit which might be best for … continue here.

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  1. Don C says:

    Kudos to you Jeff. I have to agree 100%. I have purchased every OEM club out there & have been on the Launch Monitor but I do have the advantage of being a true 3 handicap. NOT ONE of the OEM clubs can compare to my $20 shaft with a head built in the early year of 2001 @ 400cc. I do not understand the stupidity of us golfers (ME INCLUDED) to think we have to hit the Name Brand clubs at a cost 4 times Hirekos price. I even hit the fairway 70 to 80% of the time. Gee I bet some of the pros would like that. Keep up the honesty Jeff. It is a shame many golfers do not want to hear the truth but I have to respect the guy that tells it.


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