Think You Know Your Golf History? Prove It!

Take The Hireko Golf History Quiz

The thing to understand is, in golf, if you think someone was first with that idea, someone probably beat them to it. One thing you will start to hear more of in the immediate future will be adjustable clubs where the shafts can be threaded into a head. Well, guess what? Screw-in shafts were done as far back as the 1900’s if you ask. That may give you a little hint to some of the following questions.

1. What decade was the first cavity back iron introduced?

Answer here! 



  1. Wes says:

    Tough quiz. Quick. Eight multiple choice.

  2. Dan Norwood says:

    When I think of history I don’t look back toward cavity back shafts – Everyone seems to be into clubs when clubs don’t make the swing. Try this Q? Who was the 1st player ever to score a 72? or this Q? Who (while in Nebraska) hit golf balls on his ranch while Sitting Bull and Bullalo Bill Looked On? and rd Q? Who brought his good friend Harry Vardon from England to the United States to help bring golf to the public and who is credited as being one (in not the) of fathers of American GOlf – The answer to all these questions are the same Man. Mr. Alexander Findlay!

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