New Hireko 2008 Catalog Is In The Mail!

Hireko Catalog CoverIt is my pleasure to announce that the 2008 Hireko catalog was mailed February 5, 2008 to current Hireko customers and to those who have requested one. We will also be notifying you next week on where to download the catalog online in PDF format.

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Coinciding with the annual PGA Merchandise Show in late January, components distributors have traditionally mailed out their “BIG” catalog with nearly all their new clubheads to when the shaft and grip manufacturers release their newest offerings.

While the 2008 Hireko catalog does represent our largest single project of the year, it is nowhere near the end of the product we will be offering throughout the year. No better example can be found at the latter part of 2007, as we were very aggressive in introducing numerous clubheads. These included:

Acer Mantara XL driver, fairways and hybrids
Acer XP 905 Hybrids
Acer CB Series putters
iBella Tiara putter
Power Play System Q2 driver, fairways and hybrids

Here’s a sneak preview of the new products coming in the next few months:

Caiman DriverPower Play Caiman Driver
This beast is big, broad and powerful. Following up on the immediate success of the Power Play Q2 square line, this will take on a different shape yet still look more traditional at address. To date, this is our broadest head from face to back, and coupled with the additional fixed internal weighting, makes this one, if not the most forgiving model we offer. Not to overshadow the performance aspect, it is equally gorgeous with its exquisite black PVD finish.

Acer Mantara Irons
We accomplished creating a high MOI iron to tie into the concept for the Acer Mantara family of heads. Although it would be difficult to produce a “square profile” iron and it probably would not look attractive anyway, we did push weight back away from the shaft Mantara Ironand out near the two rear corners of the head to generate much added stability. The lower profile and large effective hitting area of the face will make this model a mainstay in the bags of mid and higher handicapped golfers for years to come.


Bionik 500 Series PuttersBionik 500 Putters
Great looking and affordable, these are available in 5 different models for RH golfers and 4 for LH.

Universal Putter Adapters
These pieces are added to existing models to transform the putter into a totally different set up. Designed to fit putters with a 0.370” 90° bore, we have two adapters that will create a slant or plumber’s neck hosel in lieu of using a bent putter shaft. An additional model will create the proper lie angle for long putters (either RH or LH) to fit with the 53” Apollo straight Universal Putter Adaptersputter shaft.

These are just a few of the innovative items you will see from us in the future. Not only will you see change in some of the appearance and technology of our new product, but also in how the information is presented. Per your requests, we also provided you will more pictures with different views of the product, additional specifications and information throughout the catalog.

We are not resting on our laurels as there are numerous cutting edge projects we are working on now. Many of the new products are quite unique and much more difficult to manufacturer than in the past. Therefore is takes much longer in development from the original concept until the final product reaches your’s or your customer’s hands. For instance one model has been ongoing for better than seven months and it still pending until we feel it is correct and fully tested until its release. But there is a very good chance this project, along with many more will be introduced at various times throughout the year. Stay tuned…


  1. Mark says:

    Exciting! Can’t wait to see the new stuff!

  2. michael gilb says:

    I have been doing buisness with golfsmith for years, but feel they are priceing theirselves out of the market. I am glad to find a new supplyer.

  3. neil duncan says:

    Can’t wait to see the catalog…..can’t wait to play.

  4. ben tadano says:

    need more info on CAIMAN driver, location of weights, what that does, etc. and more specs, weight of head, size of face, . thanx.

  5. Ron Z. says:

    Go Bucks, Beat Michigan. And then beat them again. Keep up the good work.

  6. charlie gardner-WEEKEND DUFFER says:

    Have been doing business with Hireko since mid-1970. Keep up
    the good work

  7. Gene Wines says:

    Jeff and Rob, Keep up a good product and a good price for clubmakers. We don’t need competion from major component companies. We need good components.

  8. Bruce Hoffman says:

    i would like a catalog but i can not get through correctly

  9. Jack C. Pittman says:

    Need Specs and prices of the new Caiman Driver. Also when will it be available as a component. Thanks

  10. Denis M. Molner says:

    Caiman head loks terrific. Putter designs are cutting edge. Hosel adapters a great breakthru.

  11. since I have been with Hireko for many years and have used your components, I have expected a calalog and flyers, but have not gotten them as often. Has the policy changed? I am in dial-up and it takes forever to download, and I am not up on this tech stuff. Still think you and the best, and first choice.

  12. What happened to the flyers and catalog mailing of the past? Still look forward to them.

  13. Joe Postorino says:

    I am new to Hierko. Great looking products for 2008. Prices appear very attractive.
    Golfworks and Golfsmith are getting to be non competitve with OEM prices when you throw in a high end shaft. Looking forward
    to giving these products a try.

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