Is Golf Club Component Pricing Getting Out of Hand?

Hireko’s average priced titanium driver head is in the $52 range. Couple this with the same $30 shaft and $5 grip, and the cost is roughly $87. If the clubmaker sold at $199, he would make an incredible 56% margin and a profit of $112. Even if the clubmaker were to sell at $150, he would be making 42% margin and a profit of $63. The clubmaker could even sell at $125 and still make over 30% margin! Alternatively, if clubmaker upgraded to a premium shaft which costs say $60, his cost is now $117, which is still nearly $20 lower than the competing $135 with a mid-end shaft.  Continue Here….

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  1. roy roediger says:

    at 5’9 I swing a460cc X-stiff graphite 48 inches long and am 66 years old. average distance 230 – 250yrds.

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