Are you cheating in golf when you…?

Hireko Dynacraft Offset DriverI am surprised sometimes by comments from customers when you try to help their game. For instance, I was speaking with a customer who was a habitual golf slicer of the ball. He self-admitted that he wasn’t going to spend the money or devote time to getting lessons and practicing because of family commitments. “Fine”, I said, “I completely understand.” But he still enjoyed playing golf but wanted some assistance to make it a little more fun. I suggested an offset driver might very well help and explained the differences between the two offset driver models we offered. Then came those four little words; “Wouldn’t that be cheating?”

I was taken back for a moment but assured him he was not cheating at all. As a matter of fact, there is nothing in the Rules of Golf that would make it non-conforming. I went on to ask him what kind of irons he had. He mentioned the manufacturer and model he Hireko Golf Couponwas playing and I played devil’s advocate with him. “Those golf irons are offset aren’t they?” He responded by saying “Yes.” I went on to ask him if he felt he was cheating by using those because they were offset. He replied back, “H E double hockey sticks NO, because everyone uses offset irons, even most of the pros.”

The fact that professional golfers did not use offset drivers made him think that they were illegal for play or like so many other people say are a “crutch” for those do not want to get better through practicing. Offset drivers (and offset fairway woods) are perfectly legal and can help assist those golfers the same as those who have found by using offset irons. The only cheating that was going on was cheating yourself by not understanding the rules and worrying about what others might think of you.

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