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What Length Golf Clubs Do You Need? | Hireko Golf Blog

What Length Golf Clubs Do You Need?

Buy Aldila Closeouts at Hireko GolfOne question that is quite often asked is “What length golf club a person should use?”

This is very difficult to address as it is not always a black or white answer.A good example of this can be found when shopping for jeans. For example, a man does not purchase jeans based upon their height, rather two important pieces of information.If that person knows what their waist and inseam measurements are, they can purchase a pair of jeans that will most likely fit (but not always) without having to try them on.Then the jeans can be selected or paired down based upon the color/finish and leg cut – both of which are personal preferences.

Download 2015 Hireko Golf CatalogThe most common method used to recommend the length of a golf club is a height-based chart. Custom golf clubs are usually available in two primary lengths (excluding juniors) and somewhat based on statistics, like the average height of an average male and female.The average woman’s height in the U.S. is approximately 5’ 5” (165.1cm), with about 68% between 5’ 2” and 5’ 7”. The average male is approximately 5’ 10” (177.8cm) with nearly 68% between 5’ 6” and 5’ 11”.The difference between the finished stock men’s and women’s clubs is usually 1” difference in the length.

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With this in mind, some charts will use these proportions; that is for each 5” or 6” of height differential, the golf clubs should be 1” shorter or longer. Of course, each manufacturer has their own idea for what standard length of their clubs will be that is why the actual lengths were omitted and the Length Factor could be applied to what one would consider to be “standard length”.

Length Based Chart

HeightHeightLength Factor

6-9 to 7-0206 – 213Add 2″
6-6 to 6-9198 – 206Add 1 1/2″
6-3 to 6-6191 – 198Add 1″
6-0 to 6-3183 – 191Add 1/2″
5-9 to 6-0175 – 183Standard Length
5-6 to 5-9168 – 175Subtract 1/2″
5-3 to 5-6160 – 168Subtract 1″
5-0 to 5-3152 – 160Subtract 1 1/2″
4-9 to 5-0145 – 152Subtract 2″

For instance, we have a 5’ 5” lady and a 6’ 2” man.The difference in height is 9”.Using the ratio of every 6” of height there should be a 1” change in length then there should be a 1 ½” difference between their 5-irons. For example, recommend 36.5” for the lady and 38” for the man (or 36.75” / 38.25”). One might wrongly assume that that we should use the same proportions as is in this case where the women is 87.8% of the height of the man, therefore the length should also be 87.8% (or 33 3/8” which would be extremely too short). Height-based charts have existed a long time and based upon proportionality.

It is interesting in the fact that junior club lengths do not use this same 6” to 1” formula.Rather for each 2” (or 2 ½”) of added height equates to 1” increase in length.

For taller individuals, it is logical to assume longer golf clubs are recommended.But it should be noted that a 1” increase in club length does not necessarily make the club 1” longer from the floor to the ground.It is the sin of the lie angle that is the length component in the vertical direction. In the diagram on the left, a representation of a 1” at 61° amount to a vertical increase 0.874”. This will be important when we discuss methods other than height based charts.

Wrist-to-floor (WTF) Measurement

Wrist-to-floor measurement or WTF for short is a common method in which the golfer stands with their feet together in street / tennis shoes with their arms hanging straight down and relaxed. Then someone measures from the floor to the crease just above the wrist.That reading then is indexed by the golfer’s height to suggest the club length.The most common example of this is the Ping® Iron Color Code Chart.

Statistically, the average WTF measurement is 48.9% of the person’s height.If everyone was proportional to this percentage, then height-based charts would have the same effect.However, statistics are based on averages and not everyone will have proportionate arm lengths to their height, thus requiring not only different lengths than what their height may indicate, but also the lie of the club.

Ft. in
4′ 0″48”23.47”
4′ 2″50”24.45”
4′ 4″52”25.43”
4′ 6″54”26.41”
4′ 8″56”27.38”
4′ 10″58”28.36”
5′ 0″60”29.34”

Ft. in
5′ 2″62”30.32”
5′ 4″64”31.30”
5′ 6″66”32.27”
5′ 8″68”33.25”
5′ 10″70”34.23”
6″ 0″72”35.21”
6′ 2″74”36.19”

Ft. in
6′ 4″76”37.16”
6′ 6″78”38.14”
6′ 8″80”39.12”
6′ 10″82”40.10”
7′ 0″84”41.08”
7′ 2″86”42.05”
7’ 4”88”43.03”

In the chart above, we can see that a 5’ 10” male on average will have a WTF measurement just shy of 34 1/4”, while the average female that stands 5’ 4” would be just a hair over 31 ¼”. The 6” difference in height equals approximately a 3” difference in the WTF measurement and to 1” length change.Well, at least in theory between men and women stock clubs.If you consider that a 48” junior golfer has a WTF measurement of nearly 12” less than the 70” golfer would suggest that the junior golfer get a 5-iron that is 4” shorter than a typical men’s club.However, the math does not add up as most junior charts will suggest a 48” junior to have a 5-iron in the neighborhood of 9” shorter.

Part of this can be explained by the fact that the WTF measurement coupled with the golfer’s height is only a starting point.The actual wrists at impact will be lower than the wrists in an erect, standing posture as the player will bend at the knees and waist and have a certain arm angle away from their body when swinging a golf club.Each person may have a slightly different comfort zone as to which of these angles feel best, thus the actual person’s wrist at impact will not always be the same proportion to the player’s WTF measurement when comparing one player to another.In addition, at impact the wrists may be slightly higher off the ground than at address.

One of the key things to understand is when the person’s WTF measurement is not proportionate to their height, then the length (and perhaps lie) of the clubs should be different than what their height would indicate.For golfers who have an actual WTF measurement greater than the chart, then the clubs should be longer and/or more upright than their height would indicate.Conversely, for golfers who have an actual WTF measurement less than listed in the chart, then the clubs should be shorter and/or produced with a flatter lie angle than their height would indicate.This explains why a tall individual could use “standard” clubs off of the rack if their arms were disproportionately longer.

For example, let’s say we have a 6’ 2” man that has an actual WTF measurement of 35.75” verses 36.19” in the table, as this person may have a little longer arms or shorter legs than average.We could simply adjust the length by reducing it by 1/2”.Remember above that the 1/2” of club length will not exactly the same as the 1/2” in the vertical direction (0.5” x sin 61° = 0.44”).If we did not make this change, then the golfer would have to grip down on the club, bend less at the waist or knees, or raise their arms higher producing a non-athletic position (in more extreme conditions).At 6’ 2”, the person might have been suggested a ½” longer club, but due to his lower WTF position standard length golf clubs may be fit fine.

Golf club lie also has an effect on the length as well. The diagram on the right shows the “Triangle” formed by the length of the club (A), distance in the vertical direction from the butt end of the golf grip to the ground (B) and the horizontal distance from the back edge of the heel of the club to butt end of the club (C).In the following charts, the lie angle of each club will be listed as well.

By altering the lie of the club, a manufacturer could theoretically change the B length.Below in the chart are 4 clubs that are the same length, but different lie angles.For each 1° increase in the lie angle, the butt end raised approximately 1/3” off of the ground with the center of the sole touching the ground.In lieu of making the club longer to accommodate a taller individual or one with a high WTF measurement, some golf clubmakers may opt to change the lie angle.


One of the reasons for this is due to the effect of golf swingweight of the club.All the combinations of length and lie in the following chart will produce a situation where the center of the sole of the club is touching the ground and the butt end is essentially the same height off of the ground.If we have a standard weight 5-iron (256g) and a lightweight steel shaft, the swingweights will be approximately that listed in the chart.





A common lie angle for a 5-iron is 61°, therefore the length of the 5-iron may be 37.25” to achieve the B length.This combo may be very well for a lady golfer that is 5’ 8” with a 33.25” WTF measurement.A C6.5 swingweight would be perfectly normal in what you would see in a standard length woman stock set.However, let’s say this was a man we were talking about that might have the same proportions of the lady golfer, or perhaps taller but with long arms.Instead of the shorter club with the lighter swingweight, the clubfitter or manufacturer may suggest a 38” 5-iron that had a 2° flatter lie angle.This would make the golf club swingweight in the normal range you would see for a male golfer.

It is easier to control the swingweight by manipulating the lie than by adding (or removing) weight from the head from a production standpoint. Most clubhead are made to narrow weight ranges from one manufacturer to another and there is a limit on how much weight can be added to a club. So you may see tall golfers get a combination of extra length and a more upright lie as not to make the clubs feel too heavy or shorter golfer a shorter length / flatter lie combination so that it does not become too light.

But, more importantly is making sure the golfer has the proper swing plane as a result of the length / lie suggestion that will allow the golfer to make solid contact.Furthermore, not just for one club, but the rest of the clubs throughout the set since most places fit on a mid-iron and build the rest of the set around that using normal progressions in length (i.e. 0.5” length increments).

A few years ago I fitted an individual that presented a unique challenge. His name was Mike and a professional in the medical field.Through referrals, he contacted me for a fitting.He explained on the phone that he had a birth defect in which his whole arm length was only the length of that to a normal person’s elbow position.He wanted to play golf, but physically could not bend far enough down to grip a club.I asked him to stop by as I had some ideas that I thought would help him out.

Mike was approximately 5’ 8”, but a WTF measurement of 43”.To put this in perspective, his WTF might be more equivalent of someone standing 7’ 4”.In addition, he was of average strength at best and not built like that of an individual much taller and physically stronger in which to compensate for heavier weights caused by the need for longer clubs.After some calculations, experimentation and fast-stetting epoxy we ended up making a partial set – a few of which I would like to share.His driver was only 2” longer than normal (47”), his 5-iron was 43.5” (5.5” longer than average) and his PW was 42” (6.5” longer than average).

Today, what I remember most about Mike was not his unique physique or the challenging fitting process, rather he was by far the happiest customer I could every remembered who picked up their clubs.He was so proud of “his” set of clubs. Finally he had something that fitted him that he could enjoy that the majority of golfers take for granted.

So unless you have average proportions, you might find that slight alterations in the length and lie might allow you to make better contact with the ball, lower your score and make the game more enjoyable.

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  1. […] One question that is quite often asked is “What length golf club a person should use?” This is very difficult to address as it is not always a black or white answer. A good example of this can be found when shopping for jeans. For example, a man does not purchase jeans based upon their height, rather two important pieces of information. If that person knows what their waist and inseam measurements are, they … continue here […]

  2. G. Wayne Baggett says:

    Please explain the various loft angles in drivers and what type of golfers should use smaller lofts vs larger lofts ( ie…8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12.5, etc.)

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  4. Steve says:

    @ Wayne – Typically, the faster swing you have, the lower the driver degree you’ll want. However, the lower degree, the harder it will be to control as well. Most of the PGA guys will have 7-7.5* drivers. However, their swing speed is usually around 120mph* as well. My swing speed is about 105-110 and I use either an 8.5 or 9.5 driver, depending on the shaft. Shaft can have a much more dramatic effect on the flight of a golf ball than the actual degree of the club. In a shaft, a high kick-point will lead towards a lower ball flight, and vice versa. Believe me, getting the right shaft for you is much more important and rewarding than getting the “right” degree of driver. Before spending $300+ on a new driver, think about spending less than 1/3 of that on a good shaft. You’ll get a double win by hitting further drives and saving money.

  5. Vivek Sharma says:

    Dear there,

    Im a tall golfer standing at 6.3 ft nad finding it tough to play with shorter clubs due to lack of availability of taller equipment. Do I have to come personally in to your store to have clubs designed for me according to my height and wrist ?

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    We do not do any fitting at our warehouse facility, but there are several things you can do to find the proper length. The first is to measure your own clubs as not all that are off-the-shelf are the same length. You need a starting point of reference. You can attend a local Demo Day as often they may have various length clubs to try, but be sure to keep good notes. You can also go to a local clubfitter in your area that may have various length clubs to try. In many cases impact decals can be put on the faces to find the length you hit the most consistently in the center of the face as well as feel comfortable to you.

  7. Todd says:

    We have enrolled our 12 year old son for golf lessons, and need to get him some clubs. He has never played before, so I don’t want to spend a lot on new clubs until I know he will stick with it. And considering that he will grow like a weed over the next 4 years, the clubs he uses this summer probably won’t be usable in another year or two anyway.

    I have 3 sets of clubs, and intend to cut one of the older sets down for him. One is metal shafts, one is graphite shafts.

    Which would be better to use?
    What issues do I need to be aware of?
    How does shortening the shaft length affect the flexibility of the shaft?
    What will be the affect of using adult head sizes with shorter shafts?

  8. Jeff Summitt says:


    Which set to cut down will depend on what flexes they are, plus just how physically developed he is at this time. Let’s say he is not very strong or coordinated yet and all the sets of clubs were R-flex, then the graphite would probably be the better of the 3 choices due to the lighter weight. But if he plays baseball or strong for his age, then a club that is too light could cause him to develop bad habits in the early stages.

    What do you have to be aware of? If you don’t know if he is going to take it up, you might cut down only a couple of clubs first. You might ask the instructor what clubs he may start with.

    Grip sizing is another issue depending how much you are going to cut these down. Shortening the clubs will make them a little stiffer. The adult heads generally are not bigger (except for maybe the driver) than junior heads. Junior heads might be lighter though, but designed to be paired with more flexible shafts.


    Jeff Summitt
    Hireko Golf

  9. Connie says:

    My son is 23 year old & is interested in learning to play golf. He is 6’10” and weighs about 215. What length clubs do you recommend?


  10. Jeff Summitt says:

    I might suggest 2″ over men’s standard length as starters.

  11. Roger Young says:

    Hi there i am about 68″ tall am 58 yrs old and have a 3/4 back swing On a tipicle par 72 course i normally score around 84, 12 over my clubs the MARUMAN M210 with craphite shafts. Are these clubs blades as im not sure? and how can i improve on lowering my score. Do you think these clubs are right for me, or is it because i only play between 6-8 times a year your comment would very valid no matter how criticle they may be. Many thanks Roger

  12. Jeff Summitt says:


    I had a hard time finding a picture of those irons, but they are indeed blades. Your average score does not tell the whole story as you might hit these irons dead straight, but you 3-putt most holes or putt great and hit these irons all over the place. Regardless, there are more forgiving irons than those and just a matter of what particular problem you are having (i.e. hitting, high, low, left, right, etc.) Also, with a 3/4 back swing, you may find that you will have more accuracy with a heavier shaft.

  13. Richard Keating says:

    Drivers and distance.
    Read your article on the proper shaft length for people of different height. If one swings at the same speed should he not be able to drive the ball farther with a longer shafted club assuming he can control it? My physics studies say that angular velocity increases as a function of the square of the radius of rotation. Am I missing something?
    R Keating

  14. Jeff Summitt says:


    For each golfer there is an optimum club length that will provide both the greatest distance and control. On either side of the bell curve there will be a drop off – in some cases dramatic. The best way to experiment is to try some difference length drivers (or even extend an existing model). Years ago I tried a 61.5″ driver. In all honesty, it swung me rather than the other way around.

  15. Mary Wilson says:

    I am a 5’1 woman, what length should my club be.

  16. Jeff Summitt says:


    A good starting point would be 1/2″ or even 1″ shorter than standard ladies lengths.

  17. Russ says:

    Im a 68″ male with some longer than normal arms. My WTF measurement is about 31″ My father in law are planning on cutting an inch off my irons and maybe an inch 1/2 off my woods. Does this sound about right?

  18. Jeff Summitt says:


    Yes indeed you do have long arms. What I might suggest is for you to choke down on the grip to see where it feels comfortable first and then have your father measure how much of the grip extended beyond the heel of the palm. Then take the appropriate amount off on one club and have you hit it before doing the rest. If you like the adjusted length, then you can follow suite with the rest of the clubs.

  19. Russ says:

    Thanks, thats what I was thinking. I choke down quite a bit, much more than an inch, but the butt end still smacks my leg on the swing.

  20. Alfie says:

    Dear Sir:
    Thanx for posting such detailed article. I’m trying to get a better fit to my current driver. Would really be grateful on any insights that you can provide. Here are my details:

    My swing speed is high 70’s up to max. mid 80’s (can have occasional high 80’s if I’ve totally “loosened up”). My current driver loft is 10.5* with Regular shaft, high trajectory and high launch angle, more often than not. I’m 5′ 6″, slight body frame (weight about 129 lbs.) and my wrist to floor measurement is 33 1/2″.
    I’m currently using a Taylormade Burner with 46″ stock shaft which weights about 50 gm.
    I think I have a slow to average tempo.
    My typical ball flight is usually a slight fade, but can turn into a big fade to slice if I don’t hit it right. My typical “mis-hits” are pulls (hits off the heel of driver face). On the “impact tape” that I use to see my contact hits, the strike marks are usually all over from the center of the driver face running towards the heel of the face. Not many “mis-hits” near the toe face.

    I’m trying to get more accurate without sacrificing much distance. I pretty sure I need to cut down the shaft, but not sure if I should cut it down to either 44″, 44 1/4″, 44 1/2″, 44 3/4″ or be at 45″ (maybe even less than 44″?). Also, I’m thinking of re-shafting to a Graphite Design YS-5+ shaft (Reg. flex, with 4.0 torque and at 56 gm.), because I feel the stock shaft on the Taylormade Burner may not be best at keeping dispersion rate tighter and getting the flight trajectory to be at mid-high, so as to hopefully increase distance (with the current stock shaft, I feel I “balloon” the ball a tad too much to my liking).

    Any advise you can provide me will be of greatly appreciated & help me determine the right direction towards a better fitted driver.

    Thanx again…

  21. Jeff Summitt says:

    Before chopping the grip and shaft off of an expensive club, try choking down 1/2″, 1″ and possibly 1 1/2″ and watch ball flight (look at impact decals too). If one of those lengths work best, then you would be safe to cut the length shorter. However, cutting it any shorter than that might pose a problem with weighting. You can always experiment with some lead tape on the outside of the club to get the desired feel.

    The “ballooning” trajectory could be a function more so with the head and/or shaft than the length of the club.

  22. Robert Peterson says:

    I am about 6’3″ 1/2 – what length should my clubs be and how should the lie be changed?

  23. Jeff Summitt says:


    You might looking at starting out with 1/2″ to possibly 3/4″ over, but that could change depending upon your build (i.e. unusually long or short arms, stiff back that prevents you bending at the waist, etc.). The lie may or may not be right for you in the end, but there is no way of knowing ahead of time. Certain shafts, flex and the CG location of the head affect the downward bowing that occurs in the swing. Couple this with the fact that not each set has the same lie angles to start out with. My rule is to play the length that feels comfortable and then bend the lie according (if at all possible).

  24. Mike says:

    Hi, i am a 5’6 male with about 3 years of golf under my belt.. but im starting to think maybe my clubs are to big for me, what should the recommended length be?

  25. Jeff Summitt says:


    The best thing to do is take a mid iron (like a #6) and try choking down 1/2″ and then 1″ and hitting balls. This way you can simulate and evaluate first hand if shortening the clubs will have any added benefit before actually removing the grip and any material.

  26. Greg Guy says:

    Your article on the Hireko Power Play Caiman does not offer any testimonies, performance, statistical reviews, or other evaluational information (only that it was listed In the Golf Digest article for length).

    Why would I buy it? C’mon.


  27. John says:

    I have a different sort of question. I’m 6’4″ with kind of short arms and have used clubs 1-2″ over for years. Recently I borrowed a standard-length iron set and found that they were much easier to hit straight, like the club wanted to go naturally back to square rather than my having to manipulate it to get it square. I wonder whether lengthening a club might affect the balance and other factors so that it doesn’t perform as it is designed anymore. For this reason I’m thinking about going back to standard-length clubs. Does my “theory” make any sense? BTW, I use good pro-line clubs and generally play to a 6-8 handicap.



  28. Jeff Summitt says:


    Please go to the assembled page http://www.hirekogolf.com/hireko/orderportal/catalog_presentation/by_group/0/1053/0/0/0/0/0 or the component page http://www.hirekogolf.com/hireko/orderportal/catalog_presentation/by_group/0/1052/0/0/0/0/0. You can see 29 independent reviews by clicking on the User Reviews tab.

  29. Jeff Summitt says:


    My best advise is go with the length that is most comfortable and provides the best results regardless what some chart says may work. The human body is made to be able to adapt to a lot of conditions.

  30. Herb Bruister says:

    Good stuff! Here’s a quick question: I am 5’10”. My wrist to the floor is 36″ (left arm) and 37′ (right area). I’m not sure how that difference occured but I’ve measured it numerous times and always come you with the same measurement.

    According to your imformation about, what would be the proper lenght of, say, a five iron. I know there are other factors in determining proper length but maybe this can give
    a place to start. Thanks for your help. — Herb

  31. Jeff Summitt says:


    It is good that you measure both as there are cases, such as yourself, that their arms are of different lengths. I would take the average of the two. Your WTF measurement is higher than someone of your stature so you have a couple of options. One you can make the club longer – perhaps an additional 1/2″. If you are not comfortable with the additional length to be able to bring the club back to square at impact, then standard length with a couple degrees upright might help. Lastly it could be a combination of added length and a more upright lie angle.

    The reason why there is no absolute answer has to do with your athletic posture, like how far apart your feet are, how much you bend at the waist and the knees and weather or not you feel more comfortable standing close to the ball or not. Unless you experiment with clubs of different lengths / lie will you know for certain.

  32. prodj says:

    this was of great help…do you have shops in la or close to it?

  33. Yes, Hireko has a factory outlet near Los Angeles. Here is our address:

    Hireko Golf
    16185 Stephens Street
    City of Industry, CA 91745
    Phone 800 367.8912

    Hours 8-5PM M-Fri

  34. Damian says:

    Excellent article!!! The best I found so far on that topic :o) Thank You :o)

  35. Justin says:

    Hi, I’m 5 foot 8 and have 3 years of experience, what should i do about irons, woods, and a driver?

  36. Ramffis says:

    Hey, Im also 5’8″ with pretty good experience I’ve been searching for my first set of clubs and I think I might get the nike slingshots. I have seen great reviews on them especially for players who don’t play as often and tend to be a little rusty when the get out there. Im getting them used since I wont be playing a whole lot. My only question is.. Can I just use a standard mans length club or should I find smaller ones? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  37. Jeff Summitt says:

    The best advice I can give is play them “as is” first and head out to the range to hit balls. If you find is you grip down on the club that you hit it more solidly, then that might suggest using a shorter clubs. Clubmaking / repair shops can shorten (and even lengthen) golf clubs to fit your height / posture. But remember, you can buy new clubs from Hireko often less expensive than used clubs that may or may not fit your needs.

  38. Jeff Summitt says:


    At 5′ 8″, you are close to standard men’s height. I’ll give you the same advice to play the clubs at standard length first. If they feel too long and you have to grip down on the club to hit them well and get the ball going in the right direction, the lengths can easily be altered by a local clubmaking shop.

  39. Hi,I’m 5’8″ tall my swing speed is 85-90MPH i’m using a taylormade 300 tour 8 deg.driver with taylormade r5 stiff shaft is shaft good for my swing speed?

  40. James Gallagher says:

    I am 59 yrs. old and have been playing for many years. 8 hdc. I presently play Armour 855’s (reduced offset model) purchased many years ago. i liked the slightly longer blade. They have Armour Tour Step stiff shafts which I no longer feel I hit as I once did. The clubs are standard length 1degree up (which is perfect for my swing) but as I have trouble with my back I’m thinking about going to a longer shaft and a regular flex. I’m 6’1″ and my left wrist measured as suggested is 37.5 in from floor while my right wrist is 36.5 in. from floor. What would your suggest for the length and lie of new irons?

  41. Jeff Summitt says:


    An 85-95 mph driver speed would normally indicate a R-flex if you were to fit by the book. However if the ball flight, trajectory and feel are all fine and you have no complaint, then what you have is fine. If you happen to hit any of your buddy’s clubs or go to a demo day to hit the stock R-flex shafts in today’s driver, what happen to the direction and does it feel much better?

  42. Jeff Summitt says:


    By going to a longer club, you will most likely change your posture, hand position and possibly how far you stand from the ball. The best advise I can give is go longer first, then adjust the lie afterward if it is required. How much longer? You may want to experiment on one club first until you find what feels comfortable, then build the set around the master club. 1/2″ doesn’t sound like much, but you may find that is just enough. If you go much longer than that, then you worry about the overall weight and heft of the club and might make your decision to go to a much lighter shaft.

  43. Josh Turner says:

    Dear Jeff,
    I am a 25 year old Right Handed male who is 6’2 and a slim athletic body type. After a 5 year hiatus from playing a buddy of mine got me back into the game and now i’m playing at least 3 times a week. Since starting back a couple months ago I am having a hard time getting my score below the 90’s. I am using the same clubs I have had since I was 16 and im 25 now. I have taken summer golf camps when I was a kid and lessons growing up. I feel like my mechanics are worked out but for some reason I can’t get consistent shots from my clubs. I am using a set of Plam Springs Desert classics with steel shafts. I have taken video of my swing and slowed it down to the moment just before impact and was suprised at what I found. On my down swing, the shafte is bowed to the left while the club head and my arms are in allignment. I guess my question is, is this a result of too much flex in the shaft allowing the clubs head to get ahead of it and then unloading on impact resulting in inconsistencies in the flight path?
    I,m not exactly sure what my swing speed is but like I said i’m pretty athletic, I surf alot, played Baseball for 8 years, Ice hockey for 2, was on the swim team in highschool. I can make great contact, but from there, there’s no telling.
    Josh Turner

  44. Jeff Summitt says:


    Most golfers at impact are decelerating, meaning the they have already released the club. While the hands might have started to slow down, the head hasn’t, thus bending the club forward. If it is excessive, that could lead to general inconsistencies in your shot pattern (greater dispersion). Couple things to look at. At your height, make sure the length is proper. You mentioned that you make great contact, so that may not be the issue. You might try a friend’s or fellow golfer’s S-flex steel shafted clubs and see if the dispersion it cut down. Is so, then you know that the current shafts are too flexible.

  45. William T says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I am 25 years old, right handed and my height is 6″4. My WTF is 38″, hand size is 8″ (tip of middle finger to wrist) and my logest finger is 3.5″.

    I’m only a beginner and have just started playing, however most recently nearly all of my driver shots have been hit with an extreme pull hook. I use a regular size, and regular flex Top Flite driver, and everytime I drive off the tee the shot will always be a pull hook.

    Is this the necessary consequence of using a driver which is too short for me?, and what additional sized driver would generally be more appropriate for me.

    I am of an athletic build, and would assume that my swing speed would be on average.

    Interestingly, my mid iron shots (also of regular length and flex) are almost always staight with only the rare slight hook on occasions.

    Thanks for all your help.

  46. Jeff Summitt says:


    It could be a number of reasons why you hook the driver and not the irons. The face angle on the driver could be very closed for one. Also, many of the Top Flite drivers use was is referred to as commercial grade shafts. So it may be too flexible for your swing. It is easy enough to extend the shaft if you feel the length is too short, but my suggestion is to try some other drivers on the market to see if it is the length or the shaft that might be the root of the problem.

  47. JJ Smith says:

    I am a 60 year old lady, new to golf, using used $5 clubs which are slightly short and I need better fitting and playing clubs. I am 5’1″ with a 32 1/2 WTF. A friend offered me his wife’s set (1 year old, used only once) They are men’s standard length. Will it mess the performance up badly to shorten them 1 -1 1/2 inches? Getting pristine $1500 clubs for $300 will be great if it is OK to shorten them that much. What do you think?

  48. Jeff Summitt says:


    Is the wife’s set made to L-flex or another flex? Length is extremely important – as a matter of fact it is probably the most important fitting variable. But if the shafts are too flexible or too stiff for you then will negate any advantage of getting fit for the proper length. Can ask to go out and hit the club first? You can grip down on the club 1″ to simulate what cutting the butt end will do.

  49. JJ Smith says:

    Thanks for the input, Jeff. The drivers are graphite, the irons stainless steel. All are red dot S. I just took this up a couple of weeks ago and honestly cannot tell what club “feels good”. Ideally, I would have waited a couple of months, but these clubs are up for sale now and I need to make a decision.

  50. Max says:

    Jeff, Thanks for a great article.

    I’m a 6’4″ man and my WTF measurement is a touch over 41 1/2″. I’m 40, have a slim build, reasonable flexibility, but am not a natural athlete and am not especially strong. For the last decade I’ve played with clubs that are 2″over standard length, and have not had trouble making consistent contacts.

    This last year I’ve worked hard on my game, with weekly lessons and much practice, and am about to get new clubs. I feel that I have to bend down a long way to the ball. Would you think 2″ over standard is sufficient, or should I try shafts a bit longer than this?

    Also, with clubs in this general length range, can you offer some general suggestions about shaft weight and swingweight – I presume that either graphite or light-weight steel shafts will prevent the total weigh of the clubs from becoming excessive, but that I’ll still end up with high swingweights.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  51. Jeff Summitt says:


    You must have extremely short arms for your height and longer clubs would be in order. Since you have already been playing 2″ over length and have had no problems making solid contact, I don’t think I would change unless you feel like you need to choke down on the grip. Don’t worry about the swingweight – only that they match- as longer than normal clubs will yield a high swingweight. To keep the over all weight low, then seek out lighter shafts than what you are currently using. Use can also see if counter weight helps or you don’t any difference in the overall balance of your clubs.

  52. Javier Salcido says:

    Would the length of the club throw off your line of plane? If the club were to short or to long how would that effect your swing?

  53. Jeff Summitt says:


    The length will change the plane. If you want a quick experiment, try taking one of your current clubs and choke or grip down 1″ and try to hit the ball and then again 2″ down. Each time you do, you will need to stand a little closer to the ball and your swing plane will become more upright. The converse holds true if you extend the length.

  54. aandrew snaddon says:

    how long should my six iron be??? im 6 feet 3 inch

  55. Jeff Summitt says:


    A good starting point would be +1/2″ over men’s standard or a 38″ 6-iron. But that can vary depending upon your arm length and how much you tilt at the waist.

  56. Richard Haag says:

    I visited the golf stores and I noticed that several length chart were little different. First, the guy checked on me as waist to the floor without shoe. It is 34 inches as 5 feet and 9 inches tall. He said “Your fit is -25. Second, other store, different guy check on me and said 34 inches, then he looked at the computer and said “Standard.” Third, golf shop, the guy measured from waist to floor as wear shoe on. He looked at the chart sheet and said -1/2. I am little confuse and what is right correct length to fit for me. I hate to spend expensive golf set with not correct size fit. Let me know. Thanks.

  57. Jeff Summitt says:


    All those stores did was consult a chart to get a starting point in which to fit you, but did no fitting at all. To fit for length, it is best to hit balls with various length clubs and find which feels most comfortable plus where your impact is most accurate. If you know what length your clubs are now, you can do a simple experiment and choke down 1/4″ and 1/2″ and see whether you strike the ball any better and feels good at the same time. There is no substitute for hitting balls.

    Also, each and every company has their own standard length chart. Don’t ask what length you need like 1/4″ under or 1/2″ over, but ask what length is my 5-iron is (such as 37.75″). 37.75″ is universally accepted by all manufacturers.

  58. Andy freeman says:

    I am 6 ft tall and have a left arm 1.5 inches shorter than my riight due to an rugby fracture

    I hook the ball all the time and have started recently using a baseball grip to have one hand below the other

    I also have standard length clubs and feel I am bending over too much to performs my shots

    I am wondering if my club length needs adjusting

    Any comments

  59. Jeff Summitt says:


    Trust your feel – if if feels your clubs are too short. By all means experiment with a longer and/or more upright club. Because you have a unique situation, you may want to work one-on-one with a qualified local clubmaker to get one club set up the way it feels comfortable before doing the whole set.

  60. Larry Hambleton says:

    I am 5’10 and my sleeve length is 36. Because of my long arms I have never felt comfortable with regular golf clubs and have cut down clubs or gripped way down near the metal in order to have a consistent swing. I have not been fitted but friends say I should try Ping Gold Dot irons but what about the driver and fairwoods? Wouldn’t your swing plane also be affected with those clubs as well?

  61. Jeff Summitt says:


    Let’s say you cut your irons 1″ shorter, then you should do all your clubs the same so they have the same amount of heft or feel in your hands.

  62. Matt says:

    i am 4 11 how long should my clubs be i have been using my dads but they are too long

  63. Jeff Summitt says:


    I might first consider cutting 2″ off of one of the clubs (assuming it is OK with your Dad) and see how that feels. If it is still too long you have have the clubs shortened by 1/2″ increments until they feel comfortable. Once you find how much was taken off that one club, then you can cut the same amount off of all of the clubs.

  64. Alli says:

    I am 5’0 tall EVEN. Should I get petite women’s clubs? or Junior? Idk. what size for every club, I want to get a whole set, not afraid to buy used….just don’t know what to buy. ANy suggestions?

  65. Jeff Summitt says:


    There are a couple of options I might suggest as there are no standards for petite ladies lengths. You could try 1″ shorter than ladies standard or possibly 1/2″ shorter, but also have the lie altered flatter.

  66. Wilfred says:

    I am wilfred,i am 1.85 meter tall,but i do not know how to measure my height in feet,can any one help me?i am 3handicap,and i want to buy a good club that fits or correspond in my style of play.

  67. Jeff Summitt says:


    1.85 meters is equivalent to 6 foot 1″. The first advice is to measure your existing clubs. Having a 3 handicap would indicate you are a good striker of the ball. If those clubs feel comfortable, then any new set should have the same length regardless of what any chart may indicate based on your height.

  68. Chris says:

    I am 6’2 and wrist to floor is 36 inches in bare feet. I play an inch and 1/4 over standard of 37.25 for 6 iron. 2 questions shouldn’t wrist to floor be measured in shoes and could longer clubs cause me to hit fat. I have been playing longer clubs for over 10 years and like the feel. I am an 8 handicap

  69. Jeff Summitt says:


    Yes, the WTF measurement should be measured in street shoes. Secondly, a longer club than you need can cause you to hit fat shots. The best way to check is to grip down on the club and see if you don’t hit the club better.

  70. Andy Prutsok says:

    I just put together a set of irons. I’m 6’4, but have short arms. My wrist-to-Floor is 39.5 inches, more than two inches over the standard (37.169) for someone my height. I had been using clubs that were 1 inch longer than standard (38.75 inch 5 iron).

    I wanted to make these 1/2 inch longer than the ones I was using, or a 39.25″ 5 iron. I somehow screwed up and made them all an inch longer 39.75″ 5 iron.

    My question, do you think 2 inches over standard is outrageous for someone with my proportions? The clubs actually feel pretty good and I will be taking them out for a trial this afternoon. I’ve just never heard of someone having a club 2 inches over standard.


  71. Jeff Summitt says:


    Not outrageous at all. I have seen shorter individuals with lower WTF measurement hit +2″ long clubs well. The best thing to do is go out and hit them. It is always better to err on the long side because it is easier to reduce the length than extend them. Try them at full length and then choke or grip down 1/2″ and see if it makes any difference in performance and feel. You should be able to answer you own question very quickly.

  72. Guy says:

    I am 5′ 6″, but am overweight. So my stomach makes my arms shorter then they should be. So when I measure WTF its not accurate since my arms are not straight when I set up due to my stomach being in the way. So should I play clubs that are longer then standard (which is what i play now)? Any help greatly appreciated..

  73. Jeff Summitt says:


    Your arms may not be shorter than normal, it is you just have a little more to swing around than most people do. To maintain balance, you may very well need a longer club to be able to hit the ball solidly. Too short and you will have to tilt from your waist too much causing you lose your balance. I might advise going to a professional fitter who may have longer length options for you to hit. Or if you are a clubmaker, try building one club longer than standard (mid iron) and seeing if that helps with comfort as well as solidness of contact. You can always grip down on the club to simulate a shorter length. Once you find the length that fits (if any different than you have), you can have the rest of your clubs altered.

  74. Joe says:

    hello i am 6’4 i did my wtf and it comes out to 36″- 36′ 1/2, i am a ameatuer, thats for sure, and have been playing for a lil over 2 months. I started getting horrible back pain after a buddy told me to start using my hips on my down swing, and for some reason i started twisting my back instead of my hips and can’t get out of that rymthem, but any way my question to you is this, do u think i could go up in club lenth and it would fix my back problem a lil? and do u suggest getting your back alined by a chiropractor and or regular massages to help in the new sport? I did work out my back the other day and felt alot better the next day, but lots of ib profin and lots of icy hott latley, i’m pretty tall, i wanna try taller clubs out badly but don’t want my game to suffer, any suggestions?

  75. Jeff Summitt says:


    I am not a doctor so I cannot comment on the chiropractor, but I can tell you if you are a beginner, you are best off seeing your local PGA instructor to give you tips on swinging the club correctly. Swinging incorrectly could make your matters worse.

    Your height and WTF measurement would indicate a longer and possibly more upright lie angle. I might start out adjusting one of your clubs by making it 1″ longer. You can always grip down 1/2″ and see if that helps too. Once you find a length that is comfortable, then redo all your clubs, except for maybe your putter (unless that cause back pain as well).

  76. avery r. says:

    I am 5’9″, my wrist to floor is 33″ and my waist to floor is 41″. I am joining a golf team and need a set. What size clubs should I get? Should I go get fitted at a Golfsmith?

  77. Jeff Summitt says:


    I would suggest starting with men’s standard (if that is what you are currently using)as you are statistically average in height. Have your golf coach critic your ball flight and solidness of contact. If you have a tendency to pull or push the ball then you may need a slight lie adjustment. It never hurts to get fit, but there are a number of places where you have that done professionally.

  78. Baz says:

    Hi, can someone advise me please. I am 183cm tall, and about to buy new clubs. Is there a set rule of thumb for club length according to my height?

    Thx, Baz

  79. Jeff Summitt says:


    Depending on your arm length and your posture, you might fit fine into standard length clubs or possibly 1/2″ longer based on your height. If you hit standard stock clubs without being uncomfortable or topping or hitting the ball thin, then there is probably no need for longer clubs for you.

  80. Robin says:

    Hi Jeff wonder if you can help me. With shoes on I’m 6’6.5″ tall and have a WTF of 40.5″ what extension size would you recommend? Also what length is a standard 5 iron so i can see if my clubs are standard to start with. I’ve always felt that I have to stoop too much to hit the ball well. Any advice would be welcome 🙂

  81. Jeff Summitt says:


    You must have relatively short arms for your height. Let’s start out with the easy answer. There is no such thing as standard length. Each manufacturer has their own internal reference. Hireko’s standard length steel #5 iron is 38″ and 38.5″ for graphite.

    In order not to make the clubs as head heavy you may want a combination of a more upright lie angle on top of an extension over so called standard lengths. Even with the upright lie, I might consider +1.5″ over men’s standard. Try one club first. If it still doesn’t feel comfortable you could try 2″.

    If you are going to use your existing clubs, you really don’t want to extend beyond 2″. If you need more, I would highly suggest re-shafting instead.

  82. Robin says:

    Thanks Jeff, I’ll experiment on an old club. I would like to use my existing set so I’ll probably go for 2″ extension first and see how that feels. By a more upright lie angle do you mean standing closer to the ball rather than an adjustment of the actual club? Excuse my lack of knowledge and many thanks.

  83. Elijah Glasenapp says:

    Hi, I’m 5’11 and my WTF is 39″. I was wondering how long my irons should be?

  84. Jeff Summitt says:


    If your clubs can be adjusted to be more upright (not all can) that will allow you to stand closer to the ball and not have the toe of the club dig in.

  85. Jeff Summitt says:


    You must also have very short arms for your height. I would look at having the clubs more upright especially if you tend to push or fade the ball. You might start out with one club at least 1/2″ longer than standard and possibly 1″. Try a mid iron first. With the 1″ longer you can simulate a shorter length by choking down by 1/2″. Spend time at the range hitting balls and and observing ball flight as well as finding out which length feels most comfortable to you. Once you find the length you can have all your other clubs adjusted accordingly.

  86. Andrew says:

    I am 6’1 and have a WTF of 38″ which is way above what it should be based on the chart above. What length do you recommend?

  87. Jeff Summitt says:


    I might suggest getting professional fit as the amount you tilt at the waist and bend at the knees may or may not push you closer to the ground. But assuming standard length feels too short, you may need a combination of a more upright lie and slightly longer length to move the butt end higher off of the ground. Try one club first like a mid iron that is 1″ longer than standard. If it is too long you could choke down or cut off the excess later. Plus you can have the iron bend more upright (most can) to see if that also helps.

  88. Dave Betney says:

    I am 6’0″ WTF 34″ but have short legs (29″ inside leg). If I sole a ‘proper fit’ iron (according to WTF fit) and take my stance (as I was taught to) my arms are further out from my body than for a more normally proportioned person of the same height. My irons are very inconsistent (pulls and fat shots). I hit my utility clubs really well and my hands are noticably lower at address. Do you think I need a flatter lie in my irons? I’ve tried shorter irons abd longer ones and they are no better. It does seem strange that inside leg is not a fitting factor.

  89. Jeff Summitt says:


    Pulling the ball would be an indication that the lie is too upright and fat shots are an indication that the clubs are too long or causing you too steep an angle of attack. There is one other possibility since utility clubs are often longer than irons and no flatter and that is the lack of any offset. An iron with a lesser amount of offset may also reduce some of the pulling of the ball you are experiencing. Even extending the utilities further in the set may be an option.

  90. nick says:


    I am 6’3 or better in bare feet. My wrist to floor measurement is higher (39.5) than it was in when i golfed a ton in highschool. I am roughly 50 lbs heavier than my 200lb H.S. days. I am very lean at 250 but i have noticed the extra girth overall has made my clubs feel very short. (downside of a golfer trapped inside of a meatheads body). I have hit a 2 inch extension once (3 iron!) and it felt like i could miss hit and it was deep. Also my wedges are unhittable at their length. I am thinking of going to 2 inches for everything and at worst i can cut back. Make sense? Also, if 2 inch ext is good on a mid iron, should i stick with that on high irons or only go 1 or 1.5 on those?



  91. Jeff Summitt says:


    First of all, a 2″ extension is long as would go. If you need something longer than that I would suggest re-shafting. Since the 3-iron worked well with the 2″ extension, I would continue to do the same throughout the set so you have more of a uniform feel. Like you said, you can always go shorter. However you cannot extend (or I should say shouldn’t) an extended club.

  92. nick says:

    Thanks for the advice! And i misspoke when i said extension. I am getting new clubs and I want them 2 inchs longer than my “standard length” set now. I know standard varies. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t over doing it.


  93. Geoff Piesse says:

    I am 6′ 1and three quarter inches tall and have a WTF of 2′ 11 and five eight inches. I play off 15 and slowly dropping. What length clubs should I be purchasing.
    Thank you
    Geoff Piesse

  94. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you are a 15 HC and showing improvement, I am going to say the length you are currently playing is probably the right one. By the numbers a starting point might be 1/2″ longer or standard length and just a small increase in lie. Take a look at ball flight too. If the ball is going straight a high percentage of the time and not being pushed (or pulled), then the lie angle is a good match as well.

  95. Paul says:

    Hi there

    I am 6’1″ tall in socks and about 6’2″ in shoes my WTF is 3.5 in socks and 36.5 in shoes my build is ok not over weight not too thin Im (38 years old) but i have a slight bad back, i am a beginer and want to know if you would recommend standard length or 1/2″+ clubs for me? my local pro’s are reluctant to do fittings unless i buy clubs from them, but i dont want to pay the high rates they charge when i can purchase the same stock for cheaper online. Many thanks for your help


  96. Jeff Summitt says:


    Your WTF measurement is proportionate to your height. You are the same height as me and I have had back problems over the years as well so I would probably advise to go to 1/2″ longer to help relieve some of the pressure on your back. You can always choke down on the club when need be, but you can’t simulate making it longer.

  97. Paul says:

    Hi there

    Thanks for your help, i went to a local golf outlet and they said to go with a club that has a full inch on top, but that could be due to them trying to sell me a set they have in store that is that size every time i go in? one further question though, would you advise or think that going 1″ longer shafts a good idea? or maybe a compramise of 0.75″ ? or do you feel that the 1/2inch will do the trick? its a confusing start at the moment and i just want to get the right clubs from the start 🙂



  98. Jeff Summitt says:


    The only way to know for sure it to actually hit clubs of different lengths and see which one you hit the most consistently in the face as well as felt comfortable to you. This is true if you tried a slightly longer club and choked down on the grip to simulate a slightly shorter length club.

    If the shop let you hit the clubs, that is one thing but if not, that is another. There is no way to say with any degree of confidence that you need X length and y lie given you are specific height and wrist-to-floor measurement. Those serve as guidelines or a starting point on which to fit. There is no substitute for hitting the clubs (dynamic fitting).

  99. Paul says:

    Thanks Jeff appreciate the help


  100. Martin says:

    My clubs are standard length and lie. If measurements indicate that they should be 1/4 to 1/2 longer, would you recommend lengthening the shaft or bending them more upright? Thank you.

  101. Jeff Summitt says:


    It is an awful lot of expense (extenders and new grips) to make the club 1/4″ or 1/2″ longer when there is the option of making them more upright. I should qualify that by saying most irons and wedges can be altered, but not very many woods or hybrids.

  102. L ori says:

    This is the only site I found that made some sense of it all I am a female 5’1″ and a very crude beginner in my early 60s. Buying a set of used clubs tomorrow, this information has helped me determine if I am even close to what I need. Thank You! I will Only golf for good exercise and the enjoyment of being with family and friends.

  103. Leo says:

    My arms are short WTF 38″ and my height is 6′-0″. I have an old set of PINGs, Blue dot, 1º upright and +0.5″.

    My sense is my clubs are too short. I cannot take a divot at impact, i.e. I cannot get the face of the club on the ball when I take a full swing.

    As far as I can tell I need an 1″ and a lower lie angle.


  104. Jeff Summitt says:


    The best thing to do it take one of your irons and extend it 1/2″. If that makes hitting the ball more solid, then have all the irons extended the same. However, I would not lower the lie angle yet until you have had a chance to evaluate ball flight. If you start pulling the ball, then you might need the lie flattened.

  105. Bob says:

    I’m a 60yo 20 handicap. I had a 45.5″ Callaway driver that I had cut down to 44.0″. I’m very happy with it, although I only hit it about 200yds (but straight).

    I’m “long waist-ed” (shorter legs). I wonder if I should cut down my Fairway Wood (#4) and Hybrid?

  106. Jeff Summitt says:


    Try choking or gripping down on the club at 1/2″, 1″ and possibly 1.5″ and try hitting balls at the range. If you find one condition that produces better results,note how much you choked down on the grip and you can removed that amount from the butt end.

  107. Jacksun says:

    I’m 5’5″ tall with WTF of 28.5″ (low to ground). Was sold a set of women’s Adams based only on my height. Driver is 45.5″ & seven iron is 38″. I’m learning to hit faily well with them, BUT might I do (consistently) better if they were shortened due to my WTF length?…and if so, how much? Jacksun

  108. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you have excellent hand-eye coordination you may very well be able to hit the ball solidly even though your height and WTF measurement might suggest ladies standard length. The best thing to try is choke or grip down 1/2″ and hit some balls after you have warmed up and see if it makes a difference versus full length. Repeat exercise at 1″ shorter and possibly 1.5″. If you find one length that performs better than others, note how much you gripped down and remove that much material from the club.

  109. Tom says:

    I am a long-torso 77″ with a wtf of 40″ for a 52 percent ratio (both taken in running shoes). Std clubs definitely feel quite short. At a ping angle, where should my club length be”

  110. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you look at Ping’s chart, they will tell you very upright and 1″ longer, but my suspicion based on your height and WTF measurement will be something even longer than that. I might start out with a single club (like a mid iron) that is 2″ longer and see how comfortable you feel with it and how well you hit it. You can always choke down to simulate a shorter length. Once you find the length, you might have the lie checked to. Once you have that one club nailed down, then I would do the same with the rest.

  111. John says:

    Hi, I’m 5’4, wtf is 30.5, Ive had a problem of hitting behind the ball several inches. I hit standard nike vr blades. Do you think shorting would benefit me at all? I cut my driver down to 44 and really feel more confident with my control now. (hit average of 265)

  112. Jeff Summitt says:


    Try choking or gripping down first to simulate the shorter club. Try 1/2″ and then 1″ and see where you make most solid impact. You can always add lead foil tape to the back of the head if it feels a little light, but make sure to get the length dialed in first.

  113. RODNEY SWEET says:

    My wrist to floor is 37″ and I am 6’5″ If my clubs should be 1″ longer- the swing weight get out there about D8-9. Should I be concerned about the clubs being way to heavy to play. I am also 63 years old and was a 2hdc – but have lost my game trying shorter clubs and wrong lie angles and can’t seems to get it back. How important is the swing weight at 1″ over. Thank You

  114. Jeff Summitt says:


    A swingweight that high is only heavy at standard length. Just like ladies clubs are a lower swingweight due to their shorter length, it all makes sense that a longer should club should have a proportionately heavier swingweight. I would be more concerned with overall weight and just making sure the swingweights match.

  115. Wayne says:

    My son (10 years old) – and taller/bigger than most kids his size – recently was given a new set of irons (Nike Slingshot 4D Juniors with lightweight steel shafts 4-GW). He is becoming quite accomplished – but seems to have outgrown his previous set of irons (Bazooka youth 9-11 years old with graphite shafts). As I measured the club lengths – the new Nike’s seem about 3 inches longer/club. It is difficult to determine if that is indeed the correct difference per club – the Bazookas are not a full set and they also are combo irons 9/PW and 7/8 irons. Do you feel i should cut these down at all (I am a club maker by hobby) – and then add length to them with extenders as he grows? I know he could choke down on them an inch or so – I don’t want to affect swingweight too much by cutting them down. Thoughts?

  116. Jeff Summitt says:


    Look at his impacts on the face and also if he hits the turf before the ball. If he is not taking divots prior to impact and the impacts on the face are centered, then I would not touch a thing. If he is hitting the turf first or impacts are not clustered well, then it is too long. He can choke down on the grip 1/2″ and hit shots and repeat at 1″ to see if impacts improved. You can always extend the clubs – but only once as you cannot extend a club that has been extended.

  117. Todd says:

    I am 6ft tall and my wtf is 32in. I feel like i have to stand so far away from the ball because of my arm length that i loose controll. Is it safe to have a half or a full inch cut off?

  118. Jeff Summitt says:


    You definitely have disproportionate arm lengths for your height. There are a couple things you can do. One is to shorten the club. Before you do that, experiment by choking down 1/2″ and hit balls. Repeat, but this time 1″. Lastly, repeat again at 1.5″. Take note of comfort, feel and solidness of contact. Once you find out what length you like, you can have it cut down since you have simulated it.

    You could also have the lie flattened, but the most you can safely have bent is likely 2 degrees, which is about the equivalent of shortening 2/3rds of an inch of length off the club. The 3rd option is a combination of the 2, especially if you feel you have to go 1″ or 1.5″ shorter and the club feels too light.

  119. Andrew says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m 33 yrs old and have never been fitted for irons, always played off the rack. I’m 5’11” and my WTF is about 36.5″, which leads me to believe I need longer/more upright clubs. I played high school nd college golf and 10 years ago I was a scratch golfer and pretty good ball striker. But even when I missed shots (more frequent today with less practice), I miss towards the toe, a little thin, and leave shots out to the right (not exactly a slice, just I miss right with a little fade). I’m going to get fitted for some new irons, but does that miss pattern lead you to believe I need something a little longer and/or more upright?


  120. Jeff Summitt says:


    The thin shots are a very good indicator that the clubs just aren’t long enough. You may only need extra length or a combination with a lie angle adjustment. However, you won’t know that until after your fitting which is a great first step.

  121. Doug says:

    I am 5 ft 5 inches and a WTF of 29. I play to a single digit but recently
    found choking down 1 inch has made quite a difference. If I remove
    an inch what should I do about swing weight?

  122. Jeff Summitt says:


    By choking down 1″, you have already simulated the lighter swingweight or the same as you would have lopped off 1″ from the butt. You could play around and add lead tape to see if it makes any difference or if it is fine the way it is.

  123. Eric L says:

    My wifes father just passed away . He had a set of standard senior graphite shafted clubs. My wife would love to use her fathers clubs for sentimental reasons. She is 5ft 2 inch tall how much would she need to cut down these clubs to use them.

  124. Jeff Summitt says:


    Assuming the clubs are “standard men’s length”, I might suggest cutting 1.5″ off the butt for her size.

  125. Blaine williams says:

    I am 5’11 and have a WTF of 35.25 inches. I am looking at buying some blue dot irons online that are .5″ long. I tried out some friend’s black dots that were .5″ short and hit them pretty well at the range. What should I really be looking for/are the long blue dots too much of a departure from standard clubs?

  126. Jeff Summitt says:


    The blue dot represents a 1º upright lie angle and not that much of a departure from the black (standard). However, going from 1/2″ short (and hitting them well) to 1/2″ longer will be a big departure without actually being fitted for that along with the upright lie. The worst that can happen though is the clubs will be too long and you have to choke down to simulated a shorter length, which then can be cut off later. As for the lie, that can always be adjusted after you have had time to him them and see whether you are consistently pulling or pushing the ball to warrant a change.

  127. Barry George says:

    I am 5″ 8 inches with a short leg would I need my Irons & woods shortened

  128. Jeff Summitt says:


    The acid test is if you feel more comfortable choking or gripping down on the club. If so, then I would pay close attention to how much sticks up above (or past) the heel of your upper hand and have that removed from the butt end. If you are making solid contact now and the ball is going straight, then I wouldn’t touch a thing.

  129. janie marcotte says:

    I have a daughter that has down`s syndrome at is in special Olympics. She is left handed. she is four feet 8. what is the size of golf clubs that she would need?

  130. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you are going to use adult clubs (as LH junior head are lighter and almost impossible to find), I might suggest 4-5″ shorter than standard ladies. To be sure, I would have a local club fitter or pro try build or cut down one club first to get a length she is comfortable handling before proceeding with the rest of the clubs.

  131. richard says:

    Hi I was thinking if getting pings, my RAC taylormades are a bit old, I’m just over six foot and have a very upright swing , would a white dot be the ones? My mate who’s got titleist is six foot and is 2 up

  132. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you are continually pushing the ball, then I would say, yes, have them adjusted upright. If you buy Pings, get fitted as the fitting carts will have the different combinations for lie as well as length to tell you for sure what the actual numbers should be.

  133. BJ says:

    I’m 6’2″ and was fitted for ping irons at a white dot and 1″ longer clubs.
    According to the Ping chat I should be 1/2″ longer. What should I go with?

  134. Jeff Summitt says:


    I would trust the fit far more than what the chart says. The chart is merely a starting point the fitter may use and work up and down in length or try different lie angles in order for you to strike the center of the face most often and get the ball to go toward your target.

  135. Marc DeWinter says:

    Hi. I’m just over 6’3 and have a wtf close to 38″. I have very long legs and seem to have gotten worse at my golf game. I’ve decide to lengthen my irons to try and help my back issues. Do u think I am correct in lengthening my clubs. I added 3 inches since I figure I can always choke down on my clubs. I’m super excited about trying my clubs out but I’m not sure if this is going to make my game even worse. I seem to play alright until my back starts to hurts and now my wife is beating the crap out of me. Do u think it was a good idea to get them extended. I figure I can’t get any worse

  136. Jeff Summitt says:


    I would try to extend one of the clubs first – like a mid iron. Practice with it so see if you can make solid contact and your back doesn’t hurt. 3 inches might had gone from one extreme to the other. If you are choking down, gradually cut the length down until you find the correct length and then apply the same length (example, 1.5″ overlength) to all your clubs.

  137. Shana says:

    Hello! I am looking to buy my husband a new set of golf clubs for our anniversary. Can I just buy some based off his height?

  138. Jeff Summitt says:


    How tall is he and does he have disproportionate arms or legs for his height? I can probably give you some guidance as what to order.

  139. Shana says:

    He is 6′ and he is pretty proportionate. He was a football player in high school and had shoulder surgery. His knee is messed up too, I am not sure if that will play a part in it!

  140. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you are purchasing the clubs from us, I would suggest standard length as he is only slight taller than the average height US male and may not warrant 1/2″ over. The other consideration if his current set of clubs seems to work fairly well, is to take one of his clubs (like a 6-iron) and take it to a local shop to have it measured. If it is a steel shafted 6-iron, our standard length would be 37.5″. If he is using a standard, off-the-rack set of clubs from a major manufacturer, don’t be surprised if the length is 37.25″. This is another reason why our standard length (rather than over length) would probably be a good fit.

  141. Lance says:

    Hi Jeff. I am 6’4 38″ WTF. I currently have +1″ Taylormade Burners, Regular Shaft. My swing speed is 115+… I know I need a stiff/x-stiff shaft.But even with the +1″ clubs I currently am hitting all over the place. Is the main reason because of my shaft or could there be a length/lie issue as well?

  142. Jeff Summitt says:


    Why you are hitting all over the place could be a number of maladies, but based on what you stated I would look at flex first. The three most common problems are an incorrect length, not the right flex, inadequate weight (swingweight and overall weight) or a combination of any two or all. If your impact pattern on the face is generalized in the size of a quarter, then the length will most likely be OK and that is where to look at the flex and then weight as well.

  143. Ray says:

    I’m 19. 5’5 w/ a WTF of 33″
    I’ve just recently picked up golf and I’m looking into owning a set of clubs. For my age I’m short. Without looking into great detail I figured a teen set of clubs would be right for me. Maybe? I’ve been looking at Wilson Tour RX(teens) is what I’ve read.

    Golfs a sport I find relaxing and enjoyable. Again being a shorter guy, what would be my best bet?
    Any piece of advice helps tremendously.
    P.S. anyone w advice can email me at yaryar262@gmail.com it would be greatly appreciated to hear of tips and such.

  144. Jeff Summitt says:


    The teen set may not be right for you depending upon your strength. If you are of average strength for a male, the teen set may be too flexible to control when all you need is a standard set that is shorter than standard (-1″). The best way to check is to take a standard men’s club and grip down 1″ and see if you can make decent contact without taking deep divots behind the ball. Also, work with a PGA teaching instructor to learn the basics.

  145. Haru says:

    Height 5′ 5 3/4″
    WTF = 28.5″ (short legs)
    Standard length shafts – deep divots
    #3 FW wood – cannot hit consistently w/ 43″ shaft length; more consistent and longer w/ 40″ length
    Driver – 45″…much more consistent when choking down to bottom of grip….and drives are also just a long or longer.

    What advise would you have for me in terms of shaft lengths for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons?

  146. Jeff Summitt says:


    Your WTF measurement would be closer to someone 5′ 0″ tall or even a little shorter, so it is no wonder you find standard length club way too long. You already have a 3-wood cut down 3″ that you seem to hit well. I might use that as a template and have all the clubs cut 3″ shorter (than standard) so they will have the same heft throughout the set rather than giving you individual lengths.

  147. shawn grinstead says:

    6.0′ wtf 35.75 always seem to take a toe divot. My clubs are standard length not sure on the lie. most of my shots are a little R. I blame it on an out to in swing it could be the reg flex shafts and swing weigt of d1. I am thinking about new irons as my 7 iron ss is 78 mph but the ball only goes about 140 yrds. any help would be great as I only know enough to hurt myself.

  148. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you have a toe divot and the ball is still going predominately right, you might consider getting one of your clubs bent or a new club ordered upright and see if that doesn’t help. Your height would indicate standard length. If the one club works, then you can have the rest bent or ordered with that lie angle.

  149. dan says:

    greetings I just got burned having a few clubs extended in the guy never measured me or put me on any kind of monitor
    he just looked at me and said you’re an inch and a half over no wtf taken

    I thought he was going to build a 7 iron and let me try it he built all of them that way in charge me a hundred forty

    he ended up building them an inch and a quarter over however my wedges still feel too short

    I went from hitting out towards the toe tocompletely passed the sweet spot and now hittg towards the heel they are still flying nicely but not in the sweet spot

    I am 6 foot 3 180 pounds wrist to floor is 36.67

  150. dan says:

    they are willing to adjust them do I make them flatter or upright

  151. Jeff Summitt says:


    You may him them bend ONE CLUB first before doing them all. If the wedges feel too short, bend it upright. This will allow you to hold your hands higher off of the ground and hopefully move your impact closer to the center of the face.


    My grand’son is well proportionned and his father say he can play with and adult’driver just by taking it 2to 3″ below the butt of the club. My grand’son weight 87 pounds and is 4’11”
    Is my son right to say that?

  153. Jeff Summitt says:


    That might be a little long for most kids his height that aren’t blessed with good hand-eye coordination.You can always try that length first. If it is too long or he has to grip down quite a bit to make solid contact, then you can always cut it again. It is easier than trying to extend if you did cut 4-5″ off of the butt.

  154. Dave Betney says:

    The article is interesting but I have always been puzzled over the simple use of wrist to floor measurement by custom fitters (I can understand its use by manufacturers of course). I am 6′ 0″ tall, wrist to floor 33.5″ but my inside leg is only 29″ at setup, I bend over from some 2″ nearer the ground than someone of the same height with a more normal 31″ inside leg measurement. Surely my hands are (approx) 2″ lower than my hips than for the ‘normal’ guy? This difference in hand relative to hip height surely affects the ideal club length/lie significantly, yet the ‘fitting’ theory does not seem to account for this. My own experimenting indicates shorter, more upright clubs are beneficial but then standard heads are too light.
    I’d be very interested in your comments.

  155. Jeff Summitt says:


    The WTF measurement is used as a starting point from which to fit. Ideally you would hit clubs of varying length (and lie) and find a combination that you feel comfortable with as having a suitable ball flight. Additional weight could be added as well on the demo club to see whether you really need more weight or not.

  156. […] shaft lengths are around 45 inches and a good choice for novice players. The best players often opt for a 44-inch […]

  157. Melissa says:

    I am a new learner. I am 47 yr. old Female 5’5 and Wrist to floor is aprox. 31. I have been playing with men’s clubs and not doing well with distance, but I do hit straight,what do you recommend I buy?

  158. Jeff Summitt says:


    I do not have enough information on how far you hit a ball, but if you are an average strength female, likely your shots are relatively straight albeit with reduced distance. Based on your height alone, the first thing I would suggest trying are ladies clubs to see if the reduced length and oftentimes lesser weight and more flexible shafts help increase distance.

  159. Ed says:

    I am just starting to play again after 30 years of not. I am 6’3″ and wt. 250 and 50 years of age. I have just been released by the doc to play after a shoulder surgery 6 months ago. What do you think the best plan of action would be for me to start looking for clubs that will be the right fit for me. I have been reading your blog and it is very analytically done and I appreciate that and look forward to beginning my reintroduction back into the game I use to play almost everyday when I was young.

  160. Jeff Summitt says:


    My best advise is to work with a club fitter in your local area as there is no substitute for hitting balls, watching results and getting your immediate feedback. Chances are stock clubs will not be sized correctly for you so they would be made to order. I would be looking at the impact of the shoulder surgery to see if it is something that will linger. If so, you might consider graphite-shafted irons to absorb shock as well as reduce overall weight at any extended length you would need.

  161. Carla says:

    Hi. I am a 65 year old women and am only 4’11” tall. Would I be better suited to a junor girls set? I have been playing for a couple of years with a Cleveland womens set, but, have no consistency. I read on one site that your 5 iron should reach to the top of your wrist. Mine reaches to my elbow!!

  162. Jeff Summitt says:


    Junior heads are lighter than adult heads and you may not adequate feel at the reduced length. Your best bet would be to have your existing clubs resized by a local club fitter.

  163. Faruk says:

    I am 5′-6.5″ wrist joint to feet 31.5″-32″ , weight 136 lbs with 37 yrs old. I have started playing for 1 yrs or so. My clubs are standard length not sure on the lie. I also have a ping i5 driver which seems to be too long for me. Now i am planning for i20 ping irons.
    1. which colour code irons should i choose?
    2. what should be the length of my driver.

  164. Carla says:

    Thank you. I will look into that.

  165. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you are getting new i20 irons, have them fitted for the correct length and lie. The fitting carts will have various length and lie combinations for you to hit. Also, if you have only played one year, you might look at more game improvement like the G-series. The i-series model are designed for more accomplished players.

    As far as the driver, choke or grip down at 1/2″ and hit balls and again a 1″ and hit balls. See if one or the other is easier to strike the ball on center. You can have someone shorten the club and re-grip.

    • Faruk says:

      Dear Jeff,
      Thanks for your advise.
      I will buy used Ping from ebay 😐
      What should be the color code for my statistics…
      And i will go for G20 as u advised…

  166. Jeff Summitt says:


    You cannot be properly fit for length or lie over the phone, internet, etc. There is no substitute for dynamic fitting – hitting the ball and watching ball flight. Ping’s color code chart is simply a staring point at which to conduct fitting and may or may not be the same as what would happen if you were fit in person. Based on their chart, they might suggest starting out the fitting at 1/4″ shorter and a purple dot.

  167. Faruk says:

    thanks buddy

  168. Faruk says:

    Dear Jeff<
    I am here again. I have changed my mind regarding buying Old Ping Clubs and want to buy Titleist 714 AP1 as it is very forgiving and suitable for high handicapper like me insteed of G series of Ping.
    Now i have couple of questions:
    1. for my physic what length of club should i buy(5'6.5", 140 Lbs)? for Ping my fit color code was PURPLE.
    2. what should i tell my seller about the club i want?
    3. Should I go for CB?MB or VG3?
    4. There is two type of AP1 714 club in japan 411 gm and 374 gm model. Do u have any idea about that? and My frnd will buy it from a shop @Japan.
    With Regards

  169. Jeff Summitt says:


    I would suggest going to a authorized Titleist dealer and having them fit you for the proper length and lie rather than buying a new or used set off of the web. The Ping chart may have suggested 1/4″ shorter and 1.5º flat. You may find the Titleist fitter may find something different like 1/2″ short and 2º flat. This is why you really have to be fit in person.

    If you are a high handicapped golfer, the CB, MB or VG3 won’t be as forgiving as the AP1 or the G-series Pings. As far as the weight of the clubs, that is due to the difference in the weight of the shafts.

  170. Faruk says:

    Thx Jeff.
    I will buy a new titleist 714 AP1 from japan but i am @ Bangladesh.
    One of my friend will do the needful who is in Japan. Iwill instruct him to do so….

  171. Zach says:

    Hey Jeff,
    I’m a 6’3 male with a wtf of 39. I’m Lanky with an athletic build. Would you suggest +1 or +1 1/2?

  172. Jeff Summitt says:


    I’d ask first what length you are using now, how well you are hitting them and what direction the ball is going. By the numbers, you would need at least 1″ over and likely and upright lie to raise the butt end of the club to your higher-than-normal WTF measurement. I wouldn’t rule out +1.5″ either. Also double check your WTF measurement.

  173. chi says:

    hi good day,i am an asian 5’1 height what length is my driver should be ,i am now using the callaway ladies US standard and find it too long i think,what length you can suggest?thank you,your reply would be much appreciated,or would it be ok if just choke it?

  174. Jeff Summitt says:


    You can experiment first by choking down on the grip at different intervals and hitting balls. Note the amount you need to choke down to hit the ball solidly. Then you can have the grip removed, that amount cut off of the butt end and re-gripped.

  175. dave says:

    Some good analysis here. I’m 6’8″ with 41″ WTF. I am a 5 handicap and feel like i should be much better but i don’t feel like my clubs fit. I have 3″ over clubs bent 5 degrees. I’ve done some basic geometry (which i’d love to share with you via email) and i still need longer or more upright clubs to take the same stance an average golfer does. i feel like i’m bending an extreme amount and don’t hit the ball flush regularly because of this. Am i just out of luck?

  176. Jeff Summitt says:


    I would work one-on-one with a clubfitter to find one club first (mid iron) that you feel comfortable hitting and then once you find it, order or have the set built around it. You appear to have shorter arms than what your height might indicate which is why longer may be in order. Remember though, most clubs have a limit of being bent 2º without breaking. Even some that say they are 5º upright aren’t really bent 5º upright as they may be talking about effective lie.

  177. Keith Barnsley says:

    Hi I am 20 h, cap 66 years old I have just purchased a used set of ping g5 irons I am 5ft 5in tall the irons are green dot .on the ping chart I think I should be black dot when I hold the clubs to the floor the toe of the club ii up . If I have them shortend would this be advantages as I do seem to hit fat shots & some off to the right .can you help please.

  178. Jeff Summitt says:


    Green dot is 2º upright. By cutting the club shorter, that will have the effect of flattening the “effective” lie although it doesn’t actually change the lie. You can simulate this by choking or gripping down on the club to see if it helps. If you hit the ball much better by choking down say 1″, then by all means have the club shortened by the same amount. If you still pull the ball, it is possible to have the lies altered to suit.

    • Keith Barnsley says:

      Hi thanks for you reply I have played 2 rounds of golf since we spoke .I placed tape on the grip 1 inch from the but of the club &the results were good both times I played , would you recomend I now have them shortend to make it more comfortable to grip,
      many thanks

  179. Jeff Summitt says:


    There are a few pro players who choke down on their clubs, but for most players would have a hard time remembering exactly how far to place their hands on the grip each and every time. That is why removing that amount from the club is definitely a consideration.

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  181. Gabriel Valdes says:

    Hi there, my name is Gabriel, and I just started playing golf this summer. I am 5’3″ and I was wondering if you could help me what length of club set do I need and what brand do you a suggest? Thank you!

  182. Jeff Summitt says:


    Based on height alone, I might suggest 1″ under men’s standard. As far as brand, there are number of good clubs on the market for beginners. I am partial to our products which the Acer XV and the Synchron Vespa lines would be very good starting points.

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