“The ball tracked perfect and hit about 3ft. from the cup and 1 hopped in the hole!”

…I was playing with some friends at the PGA Golf Club in Pt. St. Lucie , Fl. We were playing the Pete Dye course, very tough, no. 13 is a 150yd. par 3, I had a little wind in my face and from the left. I set up and aimed a little left of the pin and hit a nice easy Dynacraft Dynaflex 8 iron, with a Grafalloy Pro Logic shaft, great clubs. There was a father and daughter playing with us and as soon as I hit the shot I barley overheard the daughter telll her father ” that was the best swing and shot she had ever seen”. The ball tracked perfect and hit about 3ft. from the cup and 1 hopped in the hole. The group that had just finished playing the hole gave me a round of applause, one of the course rangers happened to also be there and he came back over and congratulated me on the ace.

I have been playing golf for 30 years and that is the only ace I have ever made, what a feeling. I am still playing the 7-PW and have went to hybrids for everything else.

You should really think about making a new version of those irons because I’ve tried every other iron there is and nothing even comes close to these.

By the way I got a certificate from Titleist, playing there ball, and registered with the Golf Channel Hole in One Club and got a really nice certificate from them as well.

I am planning to build a new set of clubs and I was thinking about the new CNC Forged irons you make, they look really nice.

By the way I broke 70 that day for the first time, shot a 69. Thanks Dynacraft.

David Clark