“…as it dropped out of sight, I put my arm around him saying, “Dad, you just hit your fist hole in one!”

Hole In OneHere is the story…..
I started building clubs about 10 years ago. I had always wanted a custom set of clubs. When I discovered Hireko I knew could have fun learning to affordably build clubs and play golf. I must admit though I never dreamed my new hobby would become a lifelong memory….

Dad and I play golf once or twice a year together. Each year he hits the ball a little shorter than the year before.

While on vacation in South Lake Tahoe we decided to play the local muni course, a fun 9 holer.I noticed he was having a hard time lofting the driver so I suggested he use my Hireko Bi-metal 5 wood. He was able to lengthen his drive to about a 145 yards, not bad for age 77.

On the 9th hole, the last of the day… a 145 yard par 3, he asked me what club I would be using “a six iron”, I replied.

As he reached for his six iron I said to him,”Dad, you’ve been hitting my 5 wood about 150 yards all day – here, use my 5 wood”. Dad took his best nontraditional swing at the ball, made good contact and down the center of the fairway the ball flew.

It took a bounce short of the green landing greenside, then, as the ball rolled across the putting surface Dad asked, “where did the ball go?” I stepped over to his side, watching the ball for him, and as it dropped out of sight, I put my arm around him saying, “Dad, you just hit your fist hole in one!” In my excitement I was quick to point out that he had hit the hole in one with my homemade 5 wood…… he quickly said “not anymore its not, you go build yourself another 5 wood.”

Dad has his trophy and my 5 wood still, and me…… a lifelong memory and a new Hireko club of course.

Scott Gilbertson – Hole in one club builder!

Picture of Dad (Gil Gilbertson), the 9th hole at Bijou, the Bi metal 5 wood! July 26, 2005

Link to news article:
Hole In Onehttp://www.tahoedailytribune.com/article/20050726/Sports/107260027/-1/SPORTS

“…improved my distance by at least 30 to 50 yards”

Anyway,  these clubs (Mantara Fairway Woods) are really designed well and improved my distance by at least 30 to 50 yards,  My golf partners are jealous…They would not admit it though…I gave them the address of your organization. 

Ken Anderson





“Now everything in my bag is the power play hybrid irons and the power play driver.



I hit my new square head driver better than the taylor super quad 7 and a ping g5. One of the guys in my group ordered one for his bag. Now everything in my bag is the power play hybrid irons and the power play driver.

Doug wagner

“…my scores have gone down from the low 100’s to the low 90’s”


My Clubmaker David Pendleton of Land O’ Lakes Florida just made me a complete set of your Acer XDS Wide Sole Hybrids. I have played with these clubs three times and my scores have gone down from the low 100’s to the low 90’s.

I just started playing golf in Feb. 2007 at the age of 68 years old.

These clubs are awesome! They are so much easier to hit than my old irons and even the one and two clubs are easy to hit. The last game I played I never even used my Driver (not an ACER), just the number two club on the tees, which puts the ball out almost as far as my driver and much straighter.

I have already recommended these Hybrids to several of my golfing buddies. If they don’t start using Acer XDS Wide Sole Hybrids, that’s their problem. I soon plan on beating them on the course.

Thanks for a good product.

Bradford E. Early

Take The Golf Club Dimensions Quiz! Are You “Normal”?

Anthropometry is a field of study in the measurement of humans. Statistical data is collected of the different body dimensions and is used to help play a role in industrial design, ergonomics, and architecture and even on how clothes are made. Golf clubs are also built based on average proportions for such things a length, lie and grip size. See how you measure up.

Add one point for each true statement and add up you score at the end.

1. True or False
Your height is between 5’ 6” and 5’ 11” if you are male and 5’ 2” and 5’ 7” if female.

2. True or False
Standing with your feet together in tennis shoes with your arms hanging down in a relaxed manner and have someone measure your wrist-to-floor measurement. Is it 48.9% of you height +/- 1/4”? (Multiply your height in inches by 0.489 and add and subtract ¼” for the range)

3. True or False
Your fingertip-to-wrist measurement is 7.5” (+/- 0.25”) if you are man and 6.75” (+/- 0.25”) if you are a woman.

4. True or False
Your fingertip-to-wrist measurement is 10.78% of you height +/- 1/4” if you are a man and 10.38% of your height if you are a woman. (Multiply your height by 0.1078 and 0.1038 respectively and add and subtract ¼” for the range)


0      You are best off having someone experienced to fit you for golf clubs

1-2      Off-the-shelf clubs or those with standard specifications may need major alterations to fit you

3      Off-the-shelf clubs or those with standard specifications may need minor alterations to fit you

4      You could purchase golf clubs off of the shelf or those with standard specifications

Please take a few moments to take our survey. This information will be helpful in designing and building your golf clubs in the future. Your participation is extremely appreciated.

Email your answers to Jeff Summitt

Are you male or female?

What is your height in inches?

What is your fingertip-to-floor measurement?

What is the distance of your longest finger to crease of wrist?

What is the distance of your longest finger?

What length driver do you use?

What length 7-iron do you use?

What length putter do you use?

Thank you!

Hireko Golf Introduces 3 New Acer CB Series Putters

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA, November 13, 2007 – Hireko Golf introduces 3 new precision putting instuments to the Acer CB Series Line. These putters utilize the most advanced technology, computer aided design and fresh and innovative ideas to give unprecedented straight-back, straight-through performance on every putt. 

Acer CB4 Putter
This model features an inverted profile design where the rear is wider than face to maximize the MOI. The Acer CB4 putter also allows for 36 custom options with the use of additional screws to fine-tune the weight and balance of the putter.

Acer CB5 Putter
The Acer CB5 Putter is more compact from front-to-back than standard mallet putters, yet features a surprising amount of weight in the rear corners to provide the same high MOI as the other models, resulting in less backspin at impact.

Acer CB6 Putter
A cross between a blade and a mallet design, the inverted profile of the Acer CB6 Putter edistribute weight into the two wings as they serve to provide the additional perimeter weighting.

“The radical design and weight distribution of the new Acer CB Putters result in a moment of inertia that is much higher than most putters on the market today.” states VP of Marketing Rob Altomonte. “This helps eliminate twisting during the stroke and upon impact for a truer roll.”

The shot peen finish on the new Acer CB Putters help elminate glare and the enhanced alignment systems provide precise and accurate directional control.

The Acer CB4, CB5 and CB6 Putters are in stock and available in right hand . Golfers can custom build the CB Series Putters online starting at $37.34 each or purchase the component clubhead for $25.95 each at www.hirekogolf.com or by calling 800-367-8912.

For over 26 years, Hireko Golf has served the golf industry through its direct mail, website and retail channels. Hireko and Hireko’s technical expertise has produced over a dozen nationally recognized publications and the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index remains the dominant testing and development concept in shaft technology. Our brands include Acer, Hireko, Oxygen, Dynacraft, Pal Joey, iBella, Synchron, Power Play and Karma. Hireko specializes in manufacturing and designing custo  golf clubs. For more information visit www.hirekogolf.com.

SOURCE: Hireko Trading Company, Inc.

Contact: Rob Altomonte,



What Length Golf Clubs Do You Need?

One question that is quite often asked is “What length golf club a person should use?” This is very difficult to address as it is not always a black or white answer. A good example of this can be found when shopping for jeans. For example, a man does not purchase jeans based upon their height, rather two important pieces of information. If that person knows what their waist and inseam measurements are, they … continue here