New Power Play System Q2 Fairways and Hybrids Arriving Mid December

Q2 Fairways

The Power Play System Q2 Driver has sold phenomenally for such a late introduction in the year. For those that have asked if there will be matching fairways and hybrids to the new Power Play System Q2 Driver, you will be pleased to hear of their arrival approximately mid-December. After signing off on the specifications, cosmetics and finally field testing, the clubheads have begun production. These will have theQ2 Hybrid same square profile as the drivers to create a higher moment of inertia than standard shapes fairways and hybrids, but not as large as the popular Acer Mantara models. Constructed from stainless steel, these will be available in both right and left hand in all lofts.

Power Play System Q2 Fairways
Heel-to-toe 99.6mm
Face-to-back 79.2mm
Crown height 41.4mm
Face height 36.8mm
Face angle square
Volume 195cc (#3)
Lofts 15° (#3), 18.5° (#5), 21.5° (#7)

Power Play System Q2 Hybrids
Heel-to-toe 97.3mm
Face-to-back 58.2mm
Crown height 37.6mm
Face height 35.3mm
Face angle square
Volume 125cc (#3)
Lofts 20° (#3), 23° (#4), 26° (#5)


  1. T in Indiana says:

    This is great news! I just recently built the Q2 driver and, after switching to a stiffer shaft, recommended by Jeff Summitt, I am very pleased! I can’t wait to build a matching 3 wood! Let me know if you need another person to test your new clubs.

  2. Sam Price says:

    I have had request this season for the square version of the 9 wood. It would be a nice addition to the Q series.

  3. Jerry Rohrs says:

    I agree with some of your other customers a 9 wood would be a nice fit and an easy sell for the Q series.

  4. Jeff Summitt says:

    With the advent of the hybrid, many players opt to add these in the bag rather than a higher lofted fairway wood. This has been the trend the past few years and as a manufacturer makes it harder to pay for tooling a get a return on our investment with lackluster sales. But I will add it to the list of requests for potential products for the future.

  5. Taylor says:

    Really looking forward to the fairway woods by Power Play. Should be a gerat addition to the line!

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