“…as it dropped out of sight, I put my arm around him saying, “Dad, you just hit your fist hole in one!”

Hole In OneHere is the story…..
I started building clubs about 10 years ago. I had always wanted a custom set of clubs. When I discovered Hireko I knew could have fun learning to affordably build clubs and play golf. I must admit though I never dreamed my new hobby would become a lifelong memory….

Dad and I play golf once or twice a year together. Each year he hits the ball a little shorter than the year before.

While on vacation in South Lake Tahoe we decided to play the local muni course, a fun 9 holer.I noticed he was having a hard time lofting the driver so I suggested he use my Hireko Bi-metal 5 wood. He was able to lengthen his drive to about a 145 yards, not bad for age 77.

On the 9th hole, the last of the day… a 145 yard par 3, he asked me what club I would be using “a six iron”, I replied.

As he reached for his six iron I said to him,”Dad, you’ve been hitting my 5 wood about 150 yards all day – here, use my 5 wood”. Dad took his best nontraditional swing at the ball, made good contact and down the center of the fairway the ball flew.

It took a bounce short of the green landing greenside, then, as the ball rolled across the putting surface Dad asked, “where did the ball go?” I stepped over to his side, watching the ball for him, and as it dropped out of sight, I put my arm around him saying, “Dad, you just hit your fist hole in one!” In my excitement I was quick to point out that he had hit the hole in one with my homemade 5 wood…… he quickly said “not anymore its not, you go build yourself another 5 wood.”

Dad has his trophy and my 5 wood still, and me…… a lifelong memory and a new Hireko club of course.

Scott Gilbertson – Hole in one club builder!

Picture of Dad (Gil Gilbertson), the 9th hole at Bijou, the Bi metal 5 wood! July 26, 2005

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Hole In Onehttp://www.tahoedailytribune.com/article/20050726/Sports/107260027/-1/SPORTS