New Ladies Tiara Putter Arrives Friday 11/30

Hireko Tiara PutterExclusively designed for women, the iBella Tiara putter dons a contemporary look with soft, flowing edges, an hourglass center support and is surrounded by authentic Swarowki crystals in the outer ring. The beautiful appearance is not adorned for its looks alone, by also crafted to maximize forgiveness by placing the weight where it is needed most. Rounding out the shape, the Tiara putter is center-shafted for ease of alignment and consists of a diamond-milled periwinkle face insert for a perfectly flat surface.

Strong Lofted Golf Irons

Hireko Strong vs Normal Lofted IronsIn the coming year you will start to see more and more strong (lower) lofted golf irons released by the name brand manufacturers. Many of these will be in the category that may be labeled as “super or ultra game-improvement irons”. What makes these more game-improvement than previous models? Many of these will have lighter weight face inserts such as titanium or maraging steels that allow the manufacturer to re-distribute even more weight back away from the face for added stability. This should be great news for golfers as it will result into straighter shots.

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Square shaped golf clubs are definitely ‘In” but square shaped Christmas cards are “Out”

Mantara XL DriverYou can bet that there will be a lot of people receiving square shaped golf clubs under the Christmas tree this year, like our Acer Mantara and Power Play System Q2 families, as it is the hottest trend in golf. But before you purchase and send out Christmas cards this year, you might want to re-think what shape to get. Apparently “square” is not friendly when it comes to the United States Postal Service as it is when it comes to the golf industry.

While you may think that a square greeting card will stand out amongst the multitude of cards that fellow family and friends will receive, there is something you should be aware of first. You might be surprised to know that they are subject a 17 cent surcharge on First Class Mail to process a square greeting card that weighs 13 oz. or less. The sorting machines were designed to process standard rectangular shaped mail. Most likely the surcharge deals with the additional hand-sorting that is required or referred to as “nonmachineable”.

“Wow! The results have been spectacular!”

Early summer I bought the Acer XP 460 driver and purchased  a True Ace Blue  Crush shaft.  Wow!  the results have been spectacular!  In fact I just ordered and received the matching 3 and 5 woods and matching Blue Crush shafts.  Hit them yesterday for first time, preliminary results were excellent to great!  Thanks for the superior products and the super prices.  I also have a set of Acer XP green irons on TT Lite shafts.  Like them too.

Rod Roberts

“Great job. Other sites could learn a thing or two from you.”

I have been an Hireko customer for a number of years and I must admit that your recent upgrade to your website is fantastic.  I can get specifications, technical advice, and product descriptions without picking up the phone (as I used to have to do) or even leaving the page I’m working with.

Great job.  Other sites could learn a thing or two from you.

Kermit Boschert

“I just want to say Thanks to you and your staff for great service!!!!”

I just want to say Thanks to you and your staff for great service!!!!

In this crazy world no-one wants some articles for many months, then everybody wants it. Small business like mine can’t have big stocks so this creates a demand for fast service from my suppliers. And you certainly meets that!

Thanks again!

Lars Pålsson

“I have been a big Dynacraft fan and always will be”

Thanks very much for your kind words. I used to build a lot of custom clubs for people and I worked for a custom club fitter, Brad Fellinger owner of tour fit golf in Stuart Fl. which used to be South Florida Golf in Vero Beach, I got him to try some of your Dynacraft hybrids when they first came out a couple of years ago and he did very well with those.

Anyway, I have been a big Dynacraft fan and always will be. I firmly believe that the dynacraft product line are the best components out there. Keep up the good work.


“The ball tracked perfect and hit about 3ft. from the cup and 1 hopped in the hole!”

…I was playing with some friends at the PGA Golf Club in Pt. St. Lucie , Fl. We were playing the Pete Dye course, very tough, no. 13 is a 150yd. par 3, I had a little wind in my face and from the left. I set up and aimed a little left of the pin and hit a nice easy Dynacraft Dynaflex 8 iron, with a Grafalloy Pro Logic shaft, great clubs. There was a father and daughter playing with us and as soon as I hit the shot I barley overheard the daughter telll her father ” that was the best swing and shot she had ever seen”. The ball tracked perfect and hit about 3ft. from the cup and 1 hopped in the hole. The group that had just finished playing the hole gave me a round of applause, one of the course rangers happened to also be there and he came back over and congratulated me on the ace.

I have been playing golf for 30 years and that is the only ace I have ever made, what a feeling. I am still playing the 7-PW and have went to hybrids for everything else.

You should really think about making a new version of those irons because I’ve tried every other iron there is and nothing even comes close to these.

By the way I got a certificate from Titleist, playing there ball, and registered with the Golf Channel Hole in One Club and got a really nice certificate from them as well.

I am planning to build a new set of clubs and I was thinking about the new CNC Forged irons you make, they look really nice.

By the way I broke 70 that day for the first time, shot a 69. Thanks Dynacraft.

David Clark