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  2. fred garday says:

    In the old days (before laser measurement was the norm)the wooden driving clubs that was produced were mostly two degrees open – our dominant eye would make it seem to be square at address, today you order up what you think you need or have been fitted to and the 1 degree closed is -3 degrees from (the old standard?) and designed to be very hard to slice / cut and fade with. I have always thought you improve your game by learning to hit a true club – maybe with a little forgiveness built in – but to move to the end (of continuum) where we find ourselves when you build someone a set to help them, do you help them by making the learning process non-existent replaced by a club that allows you to swing without regard to path correctness and still get favourable results? Do you help them by helping them correct their own swing/game or just give them what they want?

  3. shawn says:

    i wish to try quiz…


  4. Justin says:

    Fred, I feel it depends on the type of player. If it’s a person just wanting to enjoy themselves on a Sunday afternoon, who doesn’t have time to practice every day, getting them into something that helps them as much as possible is usually the way to go. The converse is true for people that want to consider themselves “players” (but this, in my experience, is rare). For everyone else, there’s something, somewhere in the middle that will suite their needs.

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