Golf Club Innovation and Technology: Is it Capped?

One of the biggest questions our technical department receives is “Isn’t technology capped right now with all the stipulations by the USGA?” Read Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s response to this popular question in the article Golf Club Innovation and Technology: Is it Capped?


  1. The Shrink says:

    I understand the need for the USGA to set limits on equipment in order to keep competetive events fair. Equipment manufacturers adhere to the limits in order to market their products to the golfers who compete in these events. However, I believe that there is large population of weekend hackers that are ignored by equipment companies. They don’t care about the USGA and have never played the game competitively. They just want the ball to in the general direction they are aiming with decent distance and are excited when the break 100. You can find a few products out there targeted to this population like illegal distance balls and clubheads that exceed size and C.O.R. limits. I’d like to see a reputable company start from scratch, developing a line of equipment that pushes distance and accuracy to the extremes with out regard for USGA limits. I know a lot of golfers who gave up after their first couple of rounds because it was too difficult or because they were too old to get their drives to the fairway anymore. Equipment that makes the game easier would allow the high handicapper to enjoy the game and therefore play more. You would never see these products on tour, but someone could make a lot of money by catering the growing population of high handicappers.

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