Apollo Steel Shaft Update

Occasionally when we test for shafts for our annual Shaft Fitting Addendum in order to educate customers better about the equipment that is available to them, we will receive initial samples from the manufacturer. The manufactures may elect to make some changes to the products either after response from initial sample testing or Continue reading “Apollo Steel Shaft Update” »

Apollo Hump Iron Shafts Win 1st and 2nd Place at 2007 Canadian Open

The first and second place golfers at the 2007 Canadian both used the Apollo Hump Shafts in their irons. The Hump Shafts feature wider geometric design to provide tip stability for improved accuracy. Continue reading “Apollo Hump Iron Shafts Win 1st and 2nd Place at 2007 Canadian Open” »

Tour Champion’s Winner R.W. Eaks Wins Dick’s Sporting Goods Open with New Image Gold Image Shaft

R.W. Eaks etched his first Tour Champions win using the New Image Gold shaft distributed by Hireko Golf. The Dick’s Open victory caps his 8th top 10 finish on the 2007 Champions Tour. Continue reading “Tour Champion’s Winner R.W. Eaks Wins Dick’s Sporting Goods Open with New Image Gold Image Shaft” »

The Distance Challenged

Golfers who are not strong enough to hit par 4’s in two will be subjected to a higher number of strokes before they ever tee up the ball on their first hole. Ability to overcome distance is a term used to describe a way in which a player can likely reduce their score based upon their natural physical strength. For instance, it is easier for a player who is in the rough to hit a green in regulation with a 9-iron than it is for someone who is in the middle of the fairway, but requires a 4-iron to do so. If you did not know, the USGA Course and Slope Rating of a Continue reading “The Distance Challenged” »

Belly & Long Putters


Are you struggling with your current putter? Do you have the “yips”, that is one time your putt come up way short of the target, yet on the next green you knock it way past the hole? One reason could be that you may be using too much wrists in the putting stroke and having problems with the timing and force required to get your distances down pat. If you watch any of the Tours on TV you will notice that there Continue reading “Belly & Long Putters” »

High Lofted Fairway Woods: The Alternative Hybrids

No doubt, hybrid clubs are the most popular category of new clubhead purchases. These clubs are a cross between a wood and an iron. Hybrids and offer improved weight distribution, more forgiveness than low lofted irons and are a mainstay in golf bags ranging from high handicappers to the best golfer professionals in the world! Continue reading “High Lofted Fairway Woods: The Alternative Hybrids” »

Fitting for Swingweight Part II

While fitting for swingweight is somewhat a function of the selection of the components, the factors that influence swingweight are head weight, shaft weight, grip weight, shaft balance point and golf club length. It is the clubmaker’s responsibility to fine-tune the swingweight throughout the set in some logical order. Continue reading “Fitting for Swingweight Part II” »

Loft and Lie Q & A

As Hireko’s Technical Director, I often get asked questions about loft and lie alterations. Here are some of the most common:

Q: “Can Hireko alter the lies before the clubs are shipped out?”

A: No, at Hireko we do not offer that service. But the majority of our irons and wedges can usually be bent safely 2° either Continue reading “Loft and Lie Q & A” »