Apollo Steel Shaft Update

Occasionally when we test for shafts for our annual Shaft Fitting Addendum in order to educate customers better about the equipment that is available to them, we will receive initial samples from the manufacturer. The manufactures may elect to make some changes to the products either after response from initial sample testing or over the course of time based on customer’s feedback or through research by the company. Unfortunately it is not physically possible to test the plethora of shafts in our database year after year to see if changes had made, but occasionally we will spot check production models.

In one case, the Apollo branded steel shafts had changed enough from the initial samples that complete retesting was done in order to reflect what the custom clubmaker and/or customer would experience today. In addition, we also changed the testing lengths to better replicate the more modern “standard” lengths that are commonly used today. To view the amended specification, please click on The Modern Guide to Shaft Fitting Guide.

The updated stats can viewed on the pdf file “Modern Guide to Shaft Fitting” by Jeff Summitt. When we find more changes, we will make sure to provide additional updates.