Apollo Hump Iron Shafts Win 1st and 2nd Place at 2007 Canadian Open

The first and second place golfers at the 2007 Canadian both used the Apollo Hump Shafts in their irons. The Hump Shafts feature wider geometric design to provide tip stability for improved accuracy.

“The Apollo Hump Shafts consistently perform at the highest levels of the game and we’re proud of their placing #1 and #2 at 2007 Canadian Open,” says Rob Altomonte, Marketing Manager of Hireko Golf. The Apollo Hump Iron Shafts offer a lightweight design (Regular flex is only 110 grams) and low ball trajectory for average and professional players alike.

Hireko Golf is one the primary US distributors of the Apollo Hump Shafts and the golfer can save a considerable amount of money buying factory direct,” states Altomonte. “With the Hump taking the number one and two spot at the Canadian, we feel this design will achieve the recognition it deserves.”

The Apollo Hump Iron Shaft is available factory direct in Regular and Stiff flex and retails for $7.55 each at www.hirekogolf.com or by calling 800-367-8912.


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