A Call for Shorter & Heavier Putters

Self-professed, I am not a great putter.

At 6′ 2″, I am taller than the average golfer. In addition, I have bad knees plus spent my fair share of money at the chiropractor to fix a bad back/neck, so if there is anyone who needs a longer putter – I would be as good as candidate as anyone. While I have dabbled with long and even belly putters, I have found something that works for me. Believe it or not, that is a shorter and heavier putter.Whenever I pick up a standard length putter (35″ men’s length), my first instinct is to choke down on the grip to eliminate my arms from forming “chicken wings”. So essentially I am putting with a 33″ model.

I am not alone as I read on many otherforums that fellow golfers are shortening their putters as well instead on relying onthe long-time standard that putters are continuously made to. It makes sense asmy dad instilled into me whenever working with tools. He would say “pick a tool that you can get closer to your work”. By shortening an average putter, effectively the heft of the club reduces to the point where my full putting stroke looks more like a figure 8 rather than two lines or arcs that travel over one another on the back and forward strokes. I made it a point to do some conclusive experimentation so I custom built a prototype putter that was capable of adding weight to it in order to find out what just what worked best. I started out with 320g or the weight so many older style putters are made to. I gradually worked my way up to the 350-360 range where most modern mallet putters are producedto. The putting stroke improved. Moving even further toward the 400g range the stroke got even more consistent as it produced a more natural pendulum motion. The point is the more weight I added didn’t produced sledgehammer effect, rather the feeling of having a precision tool in myhands where it did not require as much effort to move the putter.

As more and more custom putter fitting emerges, I strongly believe that there will be more of a call to heavier putter head weights. In designing our new Acer CB series of putters, to go along with our current CB2 model, you will see us develop some heavier putters than the norm. For those struggling with your current putting, experimenting with a shorter and heavier head may just be the solution to your short game woes.


  1. Bryan Kelly says:

    I am also 6’2″ with back problems. I really like by 52″ chest high putter. I can stand up straight while putting. Hold it to you chest with you forward hand, hold that hand still, and put with your back hand (good or lefties or righties). It dramatically simplifies the swing. For heavy putters, google on “heavy putter” and “boccieri”
    They make a markedly heavier putter than almost all others. I have one and I like it. You can get their putter in various lengths up to chest high.

  2. Harry says:

    It is not only the putter head! I have always putted better when placing a heavier shaft into a putter. I guess it is similar to the counter-weighting a lot of people are discovering in recent years, but much easier.

    Now several shaft manufacturers are selling “heavy” putter shafts for the right reasons:1) they promote a smoother stroke, 2) they keep the wrists from breaking (not sure why, but it works for me) and 3) they have no effect on the ball roll.

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