Power Play System Q2 driver development

powerplay-sqd-bottom-rear-p.jpgpowerplay-sqd-rear-view-2-2.jpgIdeas come at all different times and places. My office is littered with tiny pieces of paper with ideas for designs or notes on things to help understand a particular issue. Some of these are jotted down in the wee hours of the morning or while driving down the road to go to the grocery store. In some cases both, like in the case of the new Power Play System Q2 driver. After the original Mantara was finalized with all the graphic changes and the XL driver and fairways projects were started our owner challenged the design team to come up with a driver for the Power Play series that would perform better than those we currently carry. This was no easy task as the Power Play line has become our best selling driver line.

  • “Square” driver in the Power Play line for a higher MOI
  • Screw weighted for swingweighting and directional bias
  • Player’s shape and sound

powerplay-sqd-top-view-2-21.jpg My job was to provide dimensions, specifications and the idea on how and why the project should go past the drawing board before I turn it over to John to perform his mojo on the graphics. The whole concept behind “square drivers” was to push weight to the rear corners to create a higher moment of inertia. The Power Play drivers have been our adjustable weighted series drivers and made a natural fit to use screws as a means of adding weight and stability. But how many screws are best? One doesn’t allow for directional bias (draw or fade enhancing) and more than two limits the amount of weight that can effectively be shifted. After all, the lightest we can make a driver at 460cc is 180g without the screws and receptacles that house the threading and expect it to stay together. Even though a 6-4 titanium face makes more than sufficient face material for a 460cc driver to achieve a high CT / COR, a beta titanium face was selected from a weight saving standpoint. This allowed for significant alterations in screw weights for complete customization – not only for directional bias, but swingweighting and length as well.

The last part, although it does not affect the performance, is equally important. That is the look at of the club at address and the sound it makes upon impact. For more savvy customers, square shaped heads can be a turnoff as it looks unconventional. But by rounding or softening the corners and using a more traditional crown shape, this makes it look like a player’s club, but with all the added game-improvement features. By going with the traditional crown, it also creates a much subdued sound reminiscent of a much smaller driver. Even little elements, such as the masking to reduce the effect a of an “idiot mark” to removing paint around the hosel to avoid discoloration when re-shafting, were well thought through. I don’t think I have ever been so excited to sign off on a project and see it come to fruition.


  1. Larry Lund says:

    The concept of the Q2 driver is great. I like the idea of the weights and the fact that I can customize the club to my swing. I have been putting off buying one of the square heads until the Q2 becomes available, I will be one of the first buyers as soon as it is ready for the market.
    Larry Lund

  2. JohnnyD says:

    I like the idea of this head. I like the idea of weight ports so it can be customized. I would really like to see one made in an offset version. Not one of the square headed drivers on the market now is offered with an offset option.

    Many players out there are have been playing offset clubs for years and, most that I have run into can’t hit any of these non-offset square heads including myself.

    Any chance we can see an offset version in the future???



  3. BrentY says:


    I second that motion. I myself prefer an offset driver with little or no closed face. I know we can’t have it all, but I would be the first in line for an offset, square, adjustable weighted driver with minimal closed face (0.5* or less).

    Actually, the Integra Quadratic (and a few more) now have offset square driver heads but they are all 3* closed. Ugh.


  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    At this point in time, we do not have any offset heads in development that allow the use of screws to customize the weight and/or bias. But you might be pleasantly surprised how the ball reacts similar to an offset driver with the heavy weight in heel and light one in the toe.


    Jeff Summitt

  5. Rodger Smith says:

    When will the new square driver be available to purchase?

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    They should be in stock at the end of October / beginning of November at the latest.


    Jeff Summitt
    Hireko Golf

  7. Rodger they will be in stock this coming Friday, October 12. Thank you!

  8. Don LaPointe says:

    I just ordered this club can not wait till it arrives. And i will let you know how i like it after i try it thanks.

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