New Upgrade Options for Custom Assembly

Hello All! This past weekend, we updated the shaft and grip options for custom assembly (look for the products under the “Assembled” tab). We have made available for custom assembly nearly all shafts and grips we carry in our catalog, creating a nearly infinite amount of choices for custom assembly. In addition, you will notice some pricing changes for the assembled products. This was done to create consistency between web and phone-in orders. For those on Chairman pricing, the web does not yet recognize special pricing for shaft & grip options, so those orders will still need to be placed by phone, but we are working on it!

To all that commented on the new driver sounds, thank you! I’m glad many of you are finding it helpful. I do need to apologize for a slight error on my previous post (which has since been edited). As Jeff commented to me, the driver sounds were recorded outdoors, not indoors.

Aside from that, look for a slew of new Hireko products arriving soon. The new Acer XP905 Hybrids for mens and ladies are now in stock, as is the new Acer Mantara Fairway Woods. The new Acer Mantara Hybrids are on the way. Also, be on the lookout for a new series of Acer CB putters, as well as a brand new Power Play driver you’ve got to see to believe!

Yours truly,
Richard Lin
Executive Vice President