Power Play System Q2 driver development

powerplay-sqd-bottom-rear-p.jpgpowerplay-sqd-rear-view-2-2.jpgIdeas come at all different times and places. My office is littered with tiny pieces of paper with ideas for designs or notes on things to help understand a particular issue. Some of these are jotted down in the wee hours of the morning or while driving down the road to go to the grocery store. In some cases both, like in the case of the new Power Play System Q2 driver. After the original Mantara was finalized with all the graphic changes and the XL driver and fairways projects were started our owner challenged the design team to Continue reading “Power Play System Q2 driver development” »

New Upgrade Options for Custom Assembly

Hello All! This past weekend, we updated the shaft and grip options for custom assembly (look for the products under the “Assembled” tab). We have made available for custom assembly nearly all shafts and grips we carry in our catalog, creating a nearly infinite amount of choices for custom assembly. In addition, you will notice some pricing changes for the assembled products. This was done to create Continue reading “New Upgrade Options for Custom Assembly” »