Listen up!

I want to thank everybody for their emails and comments regarding the new website. We are diligently working through all the little bugs and fix any broken links, so I appreciate your patience!

On another note, many of you have commented that sound is a big factor in a purchase decision, especially for drivers, and to that end, we’ve added the ability to hear the sound! So far, we’ve added sounds for the following drivers (look underneath the picture for the SOUND button):

Oxygen Type-X Titanium Driver

Acer XP 395cc Titanium Driver

Acer XP 450cc Titanium Driver

Oxygen Type-S Titanium Driver

Power Play System Q 455cc Driver

Acer XP 905 Titanium Driver

We hope to have most of the driver sounds recorded shortly, so stay tuned! This is just another exciting feature that we hope makes Hireko your number one source of golf clubs and components!