Tip for removing graphite shafts on some Titleist, Nike, and Kasco golf clubs

There is a heat advisory out, and I am not talking about the weather.
The heat advisory is going out on a couple metal woods when trying to safely
remove the graphite shafts. These particular clubs are the new Titleist
983 K & E, all Nike titanium drivers and the Kasco’s metal woods made
with the Super Hyten alloy material.If you have ever tried to remove a graphite shafts from any of these
heads and wondered when (or if) the epoxy bond would ever be broken, you are not alone. For whatever reason, the alloys of thse metal woods seem to displace the heat rather than have the heat build up as a heat sink. These particular clubs can have their graphite shafts removed safely, but the key is patience and the duration of heat. It will require longer periods of time with your heat source, so one needs to be very careful not to discolor the paint. Of course the easy way to avoid discoloring each of these heads is to cut the shaft off at the top of the hosel and drill out the graphite shaft. There is no problems with either the Titleist or the Kasco models which have bore thru hosels. However, you need to be careful not to drill through the hosel stop and push the graphite fibers into the large cavities of the Nike drivers and the non-thru bore Kasco models.If you get one of these models in your shop, you might explain to your customer the potential to discoloring the head if they would like to save the shaft. However, the shaft can be removed with a good puller and again, patience is the key.

by Jeff Summitt
Hireko Technical Director